Year 5 Spelling Bee List - Holy Family Catholic Primary School


Spelling Bee Word List

Year 5 Word Themes • • • • •

Food – need more PDH Sports – need more HSIE – need more Science

abroad accomplish acquaint additional advantage afford agreement allowance aloud ambush analysis antelope applicant argument arrogant ashamed associate Page 1 of 8:

absence according activity addresses adventure afterward aisle allowed alternate amiss ancient anxious appoint arouse article assembly assume

abundant accurate actually admission advise agency album ally altogether amounting animate apologize appreciate arrangement artistic assignment astonish

Year 5 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

accident accuse adapt admonish affect agony allegiance almanac aluminium amplify annual appear approval arriving ascend assistant attached

attention authorise awaiting bacteria banquet bargain behalf beverage bleach brutal burial cafeteria canal candid caption casually cement charter cheerful chorus citizen clever coffee combination committed compass compress confide considered Page 2 of 8:

attentive automatic awfully baggage baptism barrel beneath biceps blossom buffet buried calling cancelling canine cardinal cavern certain chasing chemical chosen civilian client collection comfortable commotion compete conclude confuse constant

attitude available background balance barbeque bass besides biscuit bouquet bulletin bushel campaign cannon canning carriage cedar certificate chatter childhood chronicle clarinet clothes college command community complaint condition congress construction

Year 5 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

attractive aviator backward bankrupt barely bearing betray bladder bronco burglar business campus cancer canoe carton ceiling chapel cheaper chimney circular classify coalition collide commend comparing compound conduct conserve contrary

contrast cooperate covered curious darling default democrat deport description difference disappear discovery disposal divisible duplicate earnest element employment encourage enlist eruption eventual examination exclusive exhibit experience expression falter feast Page 3 of 8:

convention copper coyote curtain declared defy densely depot designate digest disaster discussion dissipate donation during earthquake eligible enable enforce enormous especially everyone excellent exempt expect experiment extension fantastic fellow

conversation counsel critical cylinder decorated delightful depart depress dessert dilated discharge disease distribute doubtful dying education elsewhere enchant engage equipment essential evidence exception exhale expel explosive facial faulty festival

Year 5 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

conviction courtesy crossing dangerous deduct deliveries dependent descend determine directory discount dishonest distrust drainage dynamite effective embrace encounter engineering equipped evaporate exactly excitement exhausted expensive expose faculty favourable fierce

figure flannel folklore force former fought freight funeral further geography goodness gradual graphic grieve guitar happily

finally finance finicky floating flows flying fondly forage forbidden foreign foresee forgotten forth fortune forward foundation fountain fragrant friendship frightened function furious furnish furnace garage garbage garment geranium gloomy goading gossip government governor graduate grain granular grasshopper grateful grief groan guarantee guide gymnasium happened happiest happiness hazard headache headquarters health heaven heir heritage herself hesitation high school highway honest honour hostage housekeeping however hundredth hunter hygiene ignorance illustration image imagination imagine immediately importance impregnable improvement including increasing indeed independent index indicate industry information injury inquired insert instance instantly insult interested interior introduced invitation island items jagged joined journal juggle juncture Page 4 of 8:

Year 5 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

junior justice keen kindergarten kindness knowledge language lawyer lead league lengthy lettuce level license liniment liquid local logical lonely lonesome machines magazine magician main manufacture marathon married mascot material meant measure medicine member mention metal minister mistake misunderstand moment monarch mourn movie museum narrow nasal native nature necessary neck nephew nomad objection obliged observe occurred odorous official onion operation opinion opportunity opposite oral orchard orchestra orders organization organizing origami originally otherwise ought ourselves outline ownership pacifist pains palace paragraph pardon parents pasta pastry peaceful peer period permission person physical pier pivot planning pleasant pleasure podiatrist poetry poison popular population port position positive possibly pottery poultry pour powerful practical practicing prairie preparing preserve president pressure previous priest Page 5 of 8:

Year 5 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

principle printed private proclaim procrastinate proctor production professional profile prominent promises proof protection proverb public qualify quality quarrel quotable radiance rate ration reaction readily realized received refer reflex regard registration regularly reject rejuvenate remembered remnant removed repair replying represent reputable requires research responsible restaurant restore reverse review rightful ritual rivalry roast role rouge sailors salvage sample satisfactory savagery scarce scattered schedule scheme screen secondary section seeking semester senator senior sentimental separate serpent service several sheaf shovel showed shrewd siege signature simply situation sleigh slippery slowly smooth society Page 6 of 8:

Year 5 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

probably producing projector proper pulley quickly ratio reality refine regretting religious rendered reptile resign retail rigid rocky salmon satisfied scenery scroll selection sensible serrated shoulders shrivel sincerely slogan softly

solar soldier solution somehow southern sow speed spaghetti spontaneous squirrel stationary statue steak steam stoop straight strictly strike subject sublime subtle successful sunlight surplus sustain system tapestry tardy telephone television terror textbook therefore thigh throttle throughout tight timber token tone torment tough towel tower transmit transportation tremor trophy turning twilight unison university upward usually valour valuable various vary Page 7 of 8:

sole sought specialist spinal statement status steed strangle struck submit suddenly surround tantalize taunt temporary texture thoughts thus tissue tongue tourist tradition travelling tropical twinge untie utility value vegetables

Year 5 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

solitary source specify splice static stayed steel strategy studio substance suggestion survey tantrum telegraph tennis theory throat ticket toil tonsil toward tragic treasure truant union uphold vacation variety vehicle

version violent visited wealthy whatever wield wisely workers worthy yourself

Page 8 of 8:

victory violin vocal weather whether willing withered workmanship wound zoning

vigilant virtual volcano weave whiten windmill wolves worried writing zucchini

Year 5 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

violate visible vow weight wholesale wiring wondered worship yacht


Year 5 Spelling Bee List - Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Spelling Bee Word List Year 5 Word Themes • • • • • Food – need more PDH Sports – need more HSIE – need more Science abroad accomplish acquaint add...

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