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The Carlson Prize, named in honor of Rita J. and Charles P. Carlson, and conceived by Glenn E. Floyd, Norman, Oklahoma, may be awarded annually to the author of the best scholarly article submitted for publication in The Bond Lawyer: The Journal of the National Association of Bond Lawyers, or on the Association's Web site. The prize carries an honorarium of $500 and a tuition grant for attendees at the Bond Attorneys' Workshop. Mr. Floyd's firm contributed $1,000 to the Association's 501(c)3 affiliate, the Robert H. Hilderbrand, Jr., Fund, toward endowing the prize, and the Board of Directors hopes that other members of their firms will also see fit to honor the Carlsons in that manner. The Editor of The Bond Lawyer will recommend a candidate(s) for the Carlson Prize to the NABL Awards Committee. The NABL Board of Directors selects the recipients. Recipients of the prize to date are: 1992 - Joseph H. Johnson, Jr., Birmingham, AL 1993 - Robert C. Apfel and Rafi Reguer, New York, NY

Diversity Committee

1995 - James E. Spiotto, Chicago, IL

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1997 - John M. McNally, Washington, D.C.

Committee Tax Law Committee Education and Member Services Committee Securities Law and Disclosure

1998 - Linda B. Schakel, Washington, D.C. 2000 - Griffith F. Pitcher, Atlanta, GA 2001 - Thomas N. Harding, Chicago, IL 2004 - John Buckley, New York, NY


2005 - Martha R. Fleisher, Dallas, TX

Section 103 Editorial Board

2008 - John O. Swendseid, Reno, NV

Securities Law Editorial Board

2009 - Paul S. Maco, Washington, DC

History & Vision

2012 - J. Hobson Presley, Birmingham, AL

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NABL Awards Bernard P. Friel Medal Frederick O. Kiel Distinguished Service Award The Carlson Prize

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The Carlson Prize - National Association of Bond Lawyers

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