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Department of Social Work/M.S.W. Programme: M.A. Social Work/M.S.W. Ph.D (Social Work)

Student intake: 20 Duration: 2 years (4 Semester)

Preamble The Department of Social Work is actively involved in academic and field-based practices, since its establishment (2012) It strives to work towards participative, inclusive and sustainable development. Dept believes in promoting maximum human potentials, skill development, equal opportunity, justice, respect for diversity and anti-discriminatory environment within the society.

Objective • To impart education and training in professional social work in order to provide socially relevant trained

man-power in social welfare, development and allied fields capable of working at various levels of micro, meso and macro systems. • To help students develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values appropriate to the practices of social

work profession. • To enable students to develop critical and creative thinking and ability, to apply theoretical knowledge in

prac-tice of social work. • To facilitate interdisciplinary approach for better understanding of social problems, and issues of


• To develop skills related to research, capacity building, policy formulation and planning.

Nature & Scope • Offers curriculum directed towards equipping students with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to

under-stand human needs, potentials, resources and services to develop fully humane professionals. • Provides intensive con-current and block field work training to students in the areas of rural development,

gov-ernance and organizational efforts.

• Designed compulsory Rural Educational Camp of 10 days duration for students to provide exposure of

rural issues and organized intervention.

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• Organized Group Conference and Skill Laboratory training/workshop to enhance the micro skill develop-

ment of the students. • Focused on action research, innovative field action project, evidence based practice and promotion of com-

munity colleges in rural areas.

Scope for prospective Career/Placement • NGO Sector (Civil Society Organizations) • Industry/Corporate sector • Various Ministries and Departments of Central and State Governments. • Various UN Organizations, International Organizations like WHO and Funding Orgaizations

Departmental Facilities •

Well Furnished Smart Classrooms

Dedicated Computer Lab with Internet Connection

Audio Visual and other learning Facilities

Transport Facilities

• •

Student Centric, Qualified and Committed Faculty members.

Departmental Library

Research Areas • • • • • • • •

Sustainable Development Skills and Livelihood Development NGOs, Governance, Public Policy Analysis and Implementation Desert/Arid Areas and Social Work Health and Mental Health Aging and Child Rights Water Governance Exclusion and Inclusive Policy

Lectures/Seminars/Workshops Organized •

Organized a Guest Lecture by Prof. Reba Mukherjee on “Problems of School Going Children and Need for Counseling” on February 12, 2014.

• Organized a Guest lecture Guest Lecture by Mr. Suresh Saini (ICTC Counselor at YN Hospital, Kishangarh) on “HIV-AIDS and Counseling” on February 21, 2014 • Organized a Colloquium on “Discussion on Findings of the ASER (Annual Status of Education

Report)” on February 13, 2014 • Organized a Guest Lecture delivered by Prof. Yogesh Atal, Former Principal Director, UNESCO on “Social Sceinecs in Conteprary India, •

Page 35 • Organized One week Orientation programme for M.A. (Social Work) Semester-I, 2013 from 18th to 25th July,

2013 at Department of Social Work, Central University of Rajasthan. The experts from various educational institutions and government welfare departments have been invited to deliberate on different areas of social work intervention

Projects/Any Other Achievements • Department of Science and Technology (Government of Inida)- NCSTC (National Council for Science and

Technological Communication) has approved the “Jal Shala Action Research Project” which will commence from July 2014. • Establishment of Day Care Centre: In order to create child friendly learning environment and to distance

from hazardous construction sites, Dept. has initiated a Day Care Centre initially for the needy and marginalized children. Dept. is endeavoring to make this centre as a BAL-BHAWAN and Child Rights Resource and support centre for the neighboring communities. • Inception of Community College: In order to follow the mandate of Ministry of Human Resource Develop-

ment and meet the great demand-supply mismatch in the country as economy needs much more skilled manpower in India. The Department of Social Work, took lead to start Community College. From the

academic session 2014, “Early Childhood Care and Development” has started for promoting pre-school education in collaboration with Pratham NGO based in Mumbai. Rural women and youths are taking the benefit of this course.

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Faculty •

Dr. Jagdish Jadhav Designation: Associate Professor and Head Qualification: M.S.W. (University of Pune) , Ph.D (Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune) Area of interest - Denotified, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Communities, Community Development, Natural Resource Management, Advocacy, Skill Development

Dr. Shaizy Ahmed Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: M.S.W, Ph.D (Social Work) Area of interest - Ageing, Community Work and HRM

Dr. Atiq Ahmed Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification:B.A. Philosophy & M.A. Social Work (Madras Christian College, Madras University, Chennai),UGC-NET in Social Work,UGC-NET & JRF in Social Work, Ph.D. (UGC/JRF) Psychiatric Social Work, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore Area of interest - Application of Social Work in Mental Health and Chronic Illnesses, NeuroPsycho-Oncology, Neurosurgical Illnesses, Neurotrauma, Psychotrauma, Chronic Renal Failure, Substance Abuse, Health Accessibility among Rural and Urban Poor Migrants, Application of Research and Statistics in Social Work

Mr. D.P. Negi Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: Ph. D.(Pursuing) from Panjab University, Chandigarh, M.A. (Social Work), UGC NET/JRF, PG Diploma in Human Resource Development (PGDHRD), B.Sc. (Med.) Area of Interest: Child & Youth Development, Community Health, Tribal Studies, Human Resource Development, Social Exclusion and Inclusive Development

Mr. Vinay Suhalka Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.A. (H) Economics (University of Delhi), M.S.W. (TISS), UGC NET-JRF Area of Interest: Health and Development, Disability Studies, Development Management, Organizational Behavior

Dr. Suchetana Ghosh

Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.A. (History-Hons.), Sanskrit (Subsidiary), Jadavpur University (Calcutta); M.A. in Social Work (Specialization: Urban and Rural Community Development)- TISS; M.Phil. in Public Health (Social Sciences in Health), J.N.U. (New Delhi); Ph.D. in Public Health-Gender Studies-Social History of Medicine, J.N.U. (New Delhi). Areas of Interest: Gender studies, social history of medicine, public health and discourses in public health, sexuality, sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV&AIDS


School of Social Sciences - Central University of Rajasthan

School of Social Sciences Page 33 Department of Social Work/M.S.W. Programme: M.A. Social Work/M.S.W. Ph.D (Social Work) Student intake: 20 Durati...

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