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Admit it. There are students in your class that need banished. Here’s a lesson plan that will accomplish this goal.

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Because I was head of the English department, new teachers often asked me how to teach Shakespeare. I always made up some story about going through my files and looking for my Shakespeare lesson plan. After about three weeks, the aforementioned new teacher would email me to remind me about our previous “how to teach Shakespeare” conversation.

“Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Short Story Assignment “The Lottery” Summary, Analysis, and Lesson Plan Analyzing Humor in Literature Lesson Plan

I would inevitably type “Romeo and Juliet lesson plans” into a search engine and inevitably come across boring lesson plans. Those never worked, but this one will. I stole it from a colleague who has given me permission to give you permission to steal it from me. It has become one of the greatest Romeo and Juliet lesson plans of all time.

Analyzing Shakespeare Strategies Fun Shakespeare Lesson Plan: Character Interview Irony Lesson Plan for Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet Cause and Effect Lesson Plan

1. I’ll include the lesson plan procedures or you can just download this instead.

Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis Lesson Plan

2. Assign each student to create a family shield: put a picture of themselves in the upper left corner; a quote that represents them in the upper right corner; five things they enjoy in the bottom left corner; and a ‘c’ Capulet or Montague. 3. Each family chooses colors. The upper right and lower left corner are one color; the

Click the pic and check out the 8-12 week Romeo and Juliet unit plan and teaching guide.

upper left and lower right are another color. 4. Encourage students in opposing families to engage in sword fights if they meet in the school cafeteria, courtyard, or gymnasium; don’t actually put this in your

Famous Love Poems: “Heart We Will Forget Him” by Emily Dickinson Famous Love Poems: “Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns

6. Deny encouraging sword fights if questioned by administration or law enforcement

Famous Love Poems: Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare

7. Hang Capulet family shields on one bulletin board.

Fun Reading Lesson Plan

8. Hang Montague family shields on another bulletin board.

How to Annotate and Analyze a Poem

other undesirable locales on the ugliest wall in your room. This is the banished

How to Write a Literary Analysis.


John Donne’s “Nativity”

10. Students turning in the assignment late are banished immediately. 11. Once a family accumulates -5 points, a family member is banished. Negative points accumulate as a result of missed assignments, poor grades, bad behavior, or any other arbitrary thing that bugs you. 12. Once a family accumulates +5 points, a banished member is brought back. Positive points accumulate as a result of high test scores, general helpfulness, or good behavior. 13. Families can either vote on who to banish or family members can volunteer to be

Lesson Plan for Teaching Annotation Literary Terms Lesson Plan Literary Terms Quiz for Romeo and Juliet Act 3, Scene 2 Literature Exemplars – Grades-910

banished or you can choose who is banished. As far as the contest is concerned,

Longfellow’s “Christmas Bells”

banished members still contribute positive and negative points to the team and

Teaching Short Story Elements

suffer no individual negative grade consequences.

The Hero’s Journey Resource Page

14. At the end of the play, the team with the least amount of family members banished gets a reward. In my class, the winning team does not have to take the unit test.

Using Short Stories to Teach Elements of Literature

Other options include extra credit, pizza, or homework excuse passes. 15. Incorporate point accumulation into fun lesson plans for reading and language arts as the paragraph challenge or context clues challenge.

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5. Tell them you’re kidding (optional).

9. Hang igloos, pictures of deserts, barren landscapes, pictures of Reno, NV., or

Ender's Game (3)

Writing Activity for Romeo and Juliet

Love Thee”

officials just in case a bloody massacre ensues.

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Famous Love Poems: Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “How Do I

Romeo and Juliet lesson plans book (see two bullets down for details).

Masque of the Red Death (1)

Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plan: Family Shields

Famous Love Poems: “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe

or an ‘m’ in the bottom right hand corner for

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In all honesty, this assignment doesn’t really cover any specific Common Core

The Bells (2)

standard. It does, however, make engagement more likely as students read the play.

The Raven (5)

You can assess language skills and standards on the final product.

Villanelle (2) Walt Whitman (4)

L.9-10.1 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. L.9-10.2c Spell correctly. Knowledge of Language

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Students will respond positively to Romeo and Juliet if they are engaged. Strategies for Analyzing Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet Cause and Effect Lesson Plan Teaching Characterization with Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet Shields Character Interview Romeo and Juliet Writing Activity Romeo and Juliet Irony Lesson Plan Share This:

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Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plan: Family Shields | ELA Common Core

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