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Renewable Resources We are not a disposable products company trying to act green. We’re a green company who happens to operate in disposables. Eco-Products® recognizes the benefits of using renewable resources. This is why we have created the GreenStripe® platform—all made from renewable resources. Using renewable resources is better than using non-renewable resources Renewable resources are grown, generated, or produced as fast or faster than the rate of consumption. This means that they will not run out, and use of renewable resources causes less or no harm to the environment compared to non-renewable resources. Renewable resources can be used for both energy production, such as wind and solar, or as a material to make products, such as corn and bagasse (sugarcane).

We love renewables! Renewable resources are a huge part of the Eco-Products’ story. Not only do we have a whole product line made from renewable resources, but we also care about using renewable energy sources. We have a 49 kW photovoltaic solar system on our roof to harness renewable solar power. This is one of the largest commercial solar arrays in Boulder County. Like renewable materials, renewable energy is great because: •

We will never run out of it.

We can produce renewable energy here in the U.S.

Part of the reason renewable energy has been gaining popularity is because prices have been falling and consumer demand is beginning to pressure utilities to offer power generated from renewable sources.

Renewables in Our Products Products in our GreenStripe® platform are made from corn, bagasse (sugarcane), and plant starch, because they are renewable resources and they grow back fast! Because they are renewable, plant-based materials, these products can be composted in a commercial facility.

PLA We use corn in our Polylactic Acid (PLA) cups, instead of oil-based plastic, because corn is renewable and grows back every year and 100% of the corn we use comes from the U.S.! GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Because the 88% of corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified (GMO), we use a mix of GMO & non-GMO corn in our PLA cups. Eco-Products and GMO In order to be transparent, we recognize that our PLA cups are made from GMO corn crops, however they are still a better option than making disposables out of oil. We do not market any of our products as “GMO-Free”.


Renewable Resources

Plant Starch Our GreenStripe® Plant Starch cutlery is made from 70% renewable resources, instead of plastic. Using 70% plant starch material is better than using 100% oil to make a product, because plants are a renewable resource. These items are not compostable because of the non-renewable portion of the product.

Bagasse We use bagasse instead of paper or Styrofoam (made from oil). Bagasse is the byproduct of processing sugarcane, primarily grown for cane juice. Previously, the sugarcane stalks were incinerated or thrown away. Now, these stalks are broken down into a pulp that can be molded into products, like those in our GreenStripe® platform. Bagasse products are BPI certified compostable in a commercial facility.

Paper There are some renewable resources that cannot be grown or generated quickly, and therefore have to be used sparingly. Paper is one of those resources. Even though paper is a renewable resource, trees take a long time to grow back. So, when possible, using resources like bagasse (sugarcane) is better than using paper, because sugarcane grows much faster.

Eco-Products® is continuing to work towards using more renewable resources, because of their beginning-of-life and end-of-life benefits. Even if you cannot compost these items, they are a better choice than traditional products.



Talking Points Renewable Resources We are not a disposable products company trying to act green. We’re a green company who happens to operate in disp...

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