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NAA Newsletter

June 2015

NAA Annual Library Show Click here for Application Registration Deadline: Wednesday July 2, 2015 (NAA dues paid by June 30, 2015) Registration will close when spaces have been filled (first come, first served)

Have a Wonderful Summer See you in September!


Special Summer Lecture Eric Weigardt Secrets of Painting Loose

15: Eric Weigardt Lecture 7:00 - 8:30 pm The NAA and Newton Watercolor Society are pleased to sponsor a special July 15 Newton Free Library lecture this summer at the Newton Free Library by

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Eric Weigardt September 2-29: NAA Library Show 1: Library Show Drop Off Tues 9:00-10:30 am Newton Free Library 3: Thurs 7:00 pm NAA Board meeting New Art Center 9: NAA Library Show Reception 7-8:30 pm

July 15, 2015 Wednesday night 7:00 - 8:30 pm Newton Free Library Drucker Auditorium Eric Wiegardt AWS DF, NWS has taught over 5,000 watercolorists and has over 4,000 original paintings collected privately and corporately. He has been awarded the 2012 AWS Gold Medal of Honor, among many other national and international awards. Eric is a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago. He is visiting us from Ocean Park near Seattle, Washington.

10: Thurs 7:30 - 9:00 pm NAA Demo Senior Ctr Adria Arch Water Media Golden Products 30: Library Show Pick Up Wed 9:00 - 10:30 am Newton Free Library

NEW MEMBERS Karp, Nancy 1731 Beacon Street, #610 Brookline MA 02445 617-277-4460 [email protected] Okun, Robin 57 Thomas Park Boston MA 02127 734-395-2624 [email protected]

The Newsletter header above shows a detail from Eric Weigardt's painting titled "Poppies". The watercolor below is titled "Peninsula Rodeo, Roping Cowboy"


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2015 10 September Adria Arch Water Media, Golden Products 8 October Alain Picard Pastel, Landscape 12 November Jill Pottle Oil 10 December Barbara Trachtenberg Photo Journaling

2016 14 January Dawn Evans Scaltreto Watercolor Painting Metal Objects 11 February Will Kirkpatrick Oil 10 March Sarah Kahn Collage Part II 14 April Bonnie Lerner Gelli Plates/Printing without a Press 12 May Kurt Neumann Framing for Home & Exhibition

Annual NAA Soiree This year's celebration at the Scandinavian Living Center was a great success. Jeanne Gugino passed the NAA Presidency on to James Varnum. Congratulations James! Thank you Myra Abelson and Barbara duMoulin for making all the arrangements and to Cindy Cole for taking photographs. Above are some photos from the evening.

Exhibit Opportunity for NAA Members KEYES Pharmacy Window

Thursday Demos Refreshment at 7:00 pm Demo begins at 7:30 pm Newton Senior Center 345 Walnut Street, Newtonville Free & open to the public Sponsored by the NAA

Current artist is photographer Leann Shamash Membership Renewal 2015 - 2016 ~~~~

Please renew your NAA Membership !!

All members of the NAA are eligible to exhibit for free in Keyes Pharmacy Window, at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Auburn Street in Auburndale. The exhibit time is typically for 6 weeks. We encourage a variety of artists to exhibit as it is a great opportunity to display your work, and in fairness, we want a minimum of 2-years spacing before a previous artist exhibits again. For a "Frequently Asked Questions"

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Membership !! Application is available on our NAA website

before a previous artist exhibits again. For a "Frequently Asked Questions" information sheet with all the details, please contact window curator/NAA Board member Beverly Droz at 617-527-1916 or email [email protected]

Member News Amy McGregor-Radin Congratulations to Amy McGregor-Radin whose work "Seedlings" is on the cover of Monadnock Table magazine May/June issue. Amy did it as a commission. The magazine celebrates art, food and farms in Southern New Hampshire's Monadnock region.

Mary Beth Maisel Congratulations to Mary Beth Maisel whose watercolor appeared on the cover of the summer Newton Community Education Catalog. There's a nice write-up about her on page two.

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Cindy Cuba Clements Cindy Cuba Clements is in a solo show at The Sakonnet Collective in Tiverton, Rhode Island. The show will remain up until June 14. The Sakonnet Collective is in charming Tiverton Four Corners, 3842 Main Road, Tiverton. Tiverton is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Boston. It is a farming community on the Sakonnet River and near the ocean and a great destination for a one day road trip.

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Video of Joel Janowitz Lecture Watercolor/Monotype/Oil Three Ways of Seeing; Three Ways of Thinking The NAA is very pleased that NewTV has made available a video of Joel Janowitz's lecture. Joel gave the lecture at the Newton Free Library the evening of March 31, 2015. You can view the video at the following link:

NAA High School Scholarship Results 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 winners of the NAA Scholarships

Judges Comments: Spence's work embraces a strong range of skills, concepts, and feelings. In particular, Window to the Soul and Gift of Nature demonstrated excellent drawing skills and conceptual play. A personal interpretation was clear in Mom's World and your self-portrait. The chess set was an interesting step into 3D work with each piece individually crafted, yet united by style, color,

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and material.

Judges Comments: The bold double portrait Hot and Cold was a powerful play on an individual figure and on multiple facets of personality. Bonez makes clever use of a hat on one skeleton to pique interest, enrich the pictorial space, and play on notions of life and death. Safari offered a rich sense of landscape as well as a journey into, perhaps, memory.

Judges Comments: Your vivid self-portrait was wonderfully expressive and vital. The female figure was a terrific study in light and dark and the Torsos combined both a sense of play and a fresh take on the figure study. Girl with cactus was an interesting take on a personal landscape with symbols and textural interest. Finally, the piece that combined a (perhaps) playful skeleton and a figure was a most imaginative interpretation of the bones project, especially the dramatic shadows of both figures.

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Judges Comments: The deep tones of the self portrait lend a serious and studied feeling to the piece. The still life with polka-dotted cloth backdrop was lively take on a standard motif; the lush fruit played against the rich background color and shaped dots beautifully. Home, the wood block print, was a satisfying but provocative piece with deep space and a face superimposed on a familiar room.

NAA Leadership Roles NAA Leadership Roles The Newton Art Association is an organization of around 200 art enthusiasts and artists. We are run by a cooperative board of volunteers who take on roles in the NAA.

THANK YOU JEANNE GUGINO FOR BEING OUR NAA PRESIDENT 2014-2015 * President - Jeanne Gugino, [email protected] * First Vice President - James Varnum, [email protected] * Treasurer - Richard James, [email protected] * Program Chair - Jeanne Gugino [email protected] * Membership - Jack Lifsitz, [email protected] Diana Kazmaier * Recording Secretary - Toby Reed, [email protected] * Communications - Vartus Varadian, [email protected] Newsletter - Linda Rinearson, [email protected] * Special Projects - Linda Rinearson, [email protected] * Exhibit - Each exhibit is run by a different team of volunteers. Carole Slattery, [email protected] - Avery Crossings Bev Droz, [email protected] - Keyes Pharmacy Arlene Bandes, [email protected]

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Nancy DuVergne Smith - [email protected] Diana Kazmaier Gene Mackles - [email protected] * Salons & Critiques - Myra Abelson, [email protected] * Scholarships - Nancy DuVergne Smith & James Varnum * Corresponding Secretary/Historian Jessica Mosher, [email protected] * Hospitality - Vartus Varadian (demos), [email protected] * Legal - Robert Gaynor, [email protected] * Board Members Emeritus Arlene Hecht Arlene Bandes Joan Pollard John Vaccaro Please note: We are always looking for volunteers who would like to take on a task & learn more about art in Newton. Contact Jeanne Gugino.

Contacts Newsletter Editor: Linda Rinearson [email protected]

Thank you for sending us your news! Questions or comments on the Newsletter? Or provide information to be include in our "Member News" for the next NAA Newsletter? Please e-mail Linda Rinearson at [email protected] or call 617-332-3780

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NAA Newsletter - Newton Art Association

Sunday,  J une  7 ,  2 015  at  1 1:23:18  A M  Eastern  Daylight  Time Subject: NAA  Summer  2015  Newsle0er Date: Tuesday,  June  2,  2015  at  3:0...

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