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Photography sessions start soon! Sign up after Mass this weekend in the foyer or anytime at: www.stbonaventure.net/lifetouch See page 2 for a complete schedule!

Monday thru Thursday – 8:30am – 5:00pm; Friday – 8:30am – 3:30pm Lunch Break – 12:30-1:30pm July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time | 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario masses in english/en ingles

Saturday Vigil/Sábado: 5:00 pm Sunday/Domingo 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 5:00 pm

communion service/servicios de comunión (chapel/capilla)

Monday & Friday/Lunes y Viernes: 6:30 am Wednesday/Miercoles: 9:00 am

masses in spanish/en español


Domingo: 12:45 pm

In English: Call the office to begin the process. This requires two months preparation. En Español: Los Sábados 10:00 am. Llame a la oficina para hacer arreglos con un Sacerdote ó Diácono. Este requiere dos meses de preparación.

daily mass/misa diaria (chapel/capilla)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday/Lunes, Martes, Jueves y Viernes: 9:00 am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday/Martes, Miercoles y Jueves: 6:30 am


Call the office to arrange with a Priest or Deacon. This requires six months preparation. Llame a la oficina para hacer arreglos con un Sacerdote ó Diácono. Este requiere seis meses de preparación. reconciliation/reconciliacíon

In English: Saturdays 3:30 pm (in the church) or by appointment. En Español: Llame a la oficina para hacer arreglos con un Sacerdote. Por cita.

As disciples at St. Bonaventure, we are committed to know Christ better and make Him better known. To this end we are committed to… Keep connected to our parish community Nurture the development of our faith and knowledge of Christ Offer to share the Holy Spirit’s gifts of time, talent and treasure Worship through prayer, Mass and the Sacraments


SAINT BONAVENTURE CATHOLIC CHURCH—IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN BUENAVENTURA July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

Thoughts from Fr. Richard Pensamientos de Padre Ricardo


Fr. TC George comes back to say THANKS. BOSCO Bangalore, the project for the children on the streets, won the National Award for the best Child Welfare Organization in India! Dear friends of BOSCO, I bring you the gratitude of thousands of kids who benefitted from our services given by the Salesians and the volunteers at the BOSCO care centers. During the past year alone, 6643 boys and girls passed through the BOSCO Yuvodaya - the 3-in-one care center - built with the help of the St. Bonaventure Catholic Community. This shows how the many beneficiaries, the most disadvantaged and the vulnerable ones of the society, are given hope through our project. Fr. Richard, our Pastor, and our friends who visited the project in 2014 can vouch for it. I invite you to continue your partnership with us in offering a bright future to thousands of poor boys and girls, through your generosity. I thank Fr. Richard for allowing me to take a second collection for the BOSCO Project on the weekend of July 9/10. There are over 300 boys and girls who reside in our care centers, and daily depend on us for their food, education, health care, etc. Can you sponsor a child, making a donation of $250 per year? Donations can be made by check, payable to the order of “St. Bonaventure Church” (for Fr.TC George/ BOSCO). Our faith challenges us to charity. And our charity brings hope to the hopeless. All I want to say is, “You made it happen! We thank you! We love you! We need you!” Our efforts are bearing fruits, by God’s grace and through your help. May the name of the Lord be blessed! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will be visiting St. Bonaventure till July 18. Fr. TC George,sdb, 925 378 8908 (till July 18 only); [email protected]

WELCOME FR KEVIN AS PAROCHIAL VICAR We welcome Fr. Kevin Schindler-McGraw as our new full-time Pastoral Vicar. For some time, Fr. Kevin has been wanting to work in a parish setting, rather than in office ministry supporting the Provincial of the Franciscan province, of which he has been a part. We have prepared a job description for his work, which enables him to work here but live part-time in community with his fellow friars in Castro Valley. Fr. Kevin has been living with us for the latter part of June and will continue until mid-July on a mini sabbatical. He  will begin his duties as a Parochial Vicar on August 1. Fr. Kevin will be available for the complete variety of pastoral work: the celebration of the Sacraments, pastoral counselling, and being present to various ministries and outreaches. You may reach Fr. Kevin by phoning the parish phone number (6725800) and leaving a message for him.


St. Bonaventure Parish is in full compliance with the Safe Environment Charter mandates for the Diocese of Oakland for this audit year (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016).

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Sign – Ups 1. Available online. Just go to our St. Bonaventure website, http://www.stbonaventure.net/ lifetouch, click on the Lifetouch link, OR 2. Sign-ups available in the church foyer, July 9/10 and July 23/24

SAINT BONAVENTURE CATHOLIC CHURCH—IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN BUENAVENTURA July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

were present at the San Francisco airport to welcome Najibullah (“Najib”) Ahmadi, his wife Zainab, and their three children: thirteen-year-old son Abdullah (“Faisal”), OUR ADOPTED FAMILY ten-year-old daughter Marwa, and fouryear-old son Ahmad “Bilal”. Upon their The New York Daily News reported arrival, the children were presented with in October 2015 that “the worldwide backpacks containing small toys and refugee crisis has displaced a record 60 snacks, which were provided by F2F million people from their homes – the committee members. most since the end of World War II.” In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis It took the family three days to travel to has encouraged parishes to host refugee the Bay Area from their home in Kabul, families, and has asked bishops to have Afghanistan, where they lived in a nice their dioceses “express the Gospel in home with Najib’s parents, his brother, concrete terms” by taking in a refugee and his brother’s family within a secure family. In response to that call, the St. zone in the city. Najib, who worked as an Bonaventure community has stepped interpreter for the US government for 14 forward, at the direction of Fr. Mangini, to years, said that his family was restricted to host a young family from Afghanistan. the secure zone of the city for the past four years—never traveling beyond its borders. Working in conjunction with Najib speaks English, and son Faisal Catholic Charities of the East Bay, speaks some English. Daughter Marwa St. Bonaventure’s Family-to-Family committee (F2F) jumped into action when knows some English words but struggles it learned in mid-June that a refugee family to construct sentences in English. Mother Zainab and young son Bilal do not speak would be arriving from Kabul on the th any English. The languages spoken by the evening of June 14 . Members of CCEB parents are Dari, Urdu, Arabic, and some and the St. Bonaventure F2F committee Turkish. Parish Life Thoughts from Christa Fairfield


Just hours before their arrival, CCEB was able to secure a small two-bedroom apartment for the family in Bay Point. When the Ahmadi family arrived, the apartment was completely empty— there was no furniture and no food—no necessities whatsoever. F2F committee members have worked tirelessly since the Ahmadis’ arrival to furnish the family’s apartment and stock their refrigerator and pantry. Thanks to the generosity of the St. Bonaventure community, the family now has a stocked kitchen as well as furniture, including beds, a chest of drawers, a dining room set, and a sofa and love seat. The St. Bonaventure parishioners also took up the cause and purchased many necessary items, however, the Ahmadis still need a set of bunkbeds (for the older children), a laptop computer (for Najib’s job search), and toys for the children. Najib is very humble and deeply appreciative of F2F’s efforts on his family’s behalf. He is also very independent and proud, preferring to walk the neighborhood to familiarize himself with his new surroundings whenever possible rather than relying on others for rides. The Ahmadi family will receive some support from Cal Fresh, however they will fall short each month until Najib can get a job. He is very anxious to find a job as soon as possible as he believes that it is his sole responsibility to provide for his family. When the Ahmadi family was taken to the local food bank and explained how it operated, Najib declined to accept food. He was thankful for us showing him the location of the food bank so that he can make donations of food there as soon as he is able. Plans for a St. Bonaventure welcome party for Najib, Zainab, Faisal, Marwan, and Bilal are in progress. In the meantime, please pray for this lovely young family as they embark on a new life. For more information, you may contact Irene Alonzo-Perez at 925-768-3122. Parish Life Thoughts continued on page 4


SAINT BONAVENTURE CATHOLIC CHURCH—IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN BUENAVENTURA July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

to enshrine these rights in our culture and legal system in their pastoral letter THE CHALLENGE OF FOLLOWING Economic Justice for All, published in 1986. CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING: This experiment seems to not yet have RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES begun, because many in our community By Greg Colley lack living wages, adequate shelter, health It is not well known that the Church has a care, and full participation in society. well-developed body of teaching on social, Pope Francis echoed this call shortly after economic, political, and cultural matters: becoming pope. In May 2013, he said, Catholic Social Teaching. The content of “Today the Church is renewing her urgent that teaching is even less familiar to many appeal that the dignity and centrality of Catholics. An important cornerstone of every individual always be safeguarded, Catholic Social Teaching is the teaching with respect for fundamental rights, as her on human rights, and the responsibility social teaching emphasizes. She asks that of all to ensure that everyone enjoys these these rights really be extended for millions rights. of men and women on every continent wherever they are not recognized. In a This teaching can be summarized as world in which a lot is said about rights, follows: Human rights flow from the how often is human dignity actually intrinsic sacred dignity of each person trampled upon!” and their calling to serve the community. These rights exist independently, and can Pope Benedict XVI taught that freely only be recognized by communities and giving and freely sharing for the good of governments. They are not bestowed all is at the heart of the Christian social by the action of government, nor are vision. He called it “the spirit of gift.” It they earned or won by successful is not limited to acts of charity, rather it competition in the marketplace. Yet it is is an approach to life which is best lived the responsibility of each to respect and out in every dimension: personal, work protect the intrinsic human rights of all. and vocation, social, commercial, and In his encyclical Pacem in Terris (Peace on even governmental. Living in the spirit of gift is one way we, as Catholics, can truly Earth), Pope Saint John XXIII described these rights. They are extensive—far more live out our responsibility to ensure that all Americans have access to these basic than is truly experienced by all in our human rights. community and country. They include basic economic, social and cultural rights All are invited to renew their own “spirit such as the right to life, food, clothing, of gift” through the following prayer: shelter, health care, education, work or A Prayer for Basic Human Rights employment with a just and sufficient God of freedom, wage, and leisure—all the basic human We praise you for the invitation to feast needs. They also include the civil and at your table, political rights to the social goods of freedom of speech, religion, association, Both now and in the heavenly banquet. migration, and participation in society. With your grace, may we make room at It is a simple--and unfortunate--fact that all the tables of our lives the human rights which are a basic tenet of For those who have been excluded from Catholic teaching are not yet recognized the feast of full human life. and ensured for all Americans. The United Strengthen with hope and creative States remains one of only half a dozen action U.N. member states that have yet to ratify All people denied their basic human the International Covenant on Economic, rights and freedoms. Social and Cultural Rights. The treaty was signed by President Jimmy Carter in May we who follow your Son 1977, but no steps toward ratification have Be empowered by your Spirit to ever been taken. The US Catholic Bishops continue your work in the world. called for “A New American Experiment” Amen. continued from page 3

MINISTRY FAIRE Sept. 10-11, after each Mass Please participate and help us celebrate the Gift of Ministry! For information or to get involved: Contact Mike 925676-7110

NEED A NEIGHBOR? Neighbor-to-Neighbor Ministry is here to assist parishioners with temporary, minor needs. Those we serve must be adults (over 18 years old) and physically mobile. There are established community organizations in place to meet long-term and other needs. We Offer: • Assistance with transportation to the parish, the grocery store or doctor. *We can assist in finding regular rides to a specific Mass or parish offering • Assistance with an errand or a light task • Visiting the sick or homebound For assistance leave a message ( 672-5800 x2238. We will pick up calls Monday-Friday. Every effort will be made to respond within 24 hours of the call. Please note that the ministry is not designed for immediate or emergency needs. It can take a few days to locate a volunteer to meet the need.

www.stbonaventure.net Go to “Giving/Outreach” tab Use Code CA 725

SAINT BONAVENTURE CATHOLIC CHURCH—IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN BUENAVENTURA July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

Liturgy & Prayer

JUBILEE YEAR OF MERCY – July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Life and Justice Ministry


Free Citizenship Application & Fee Waiver Assistance Event, Saturday, July Could anyone object to 16 at the Monument Crisis Center from Jesus’ supreme lesson 10:00am-2:30pm. Get free assistance with: in mercy, the parable of • Step-by-step review of the the Good Samaritan? naturalization process Jesus’ devoutly religious • Assessment of your ability to audience certainly naturalize did! Scant sympathy • Application, preparation & document for anyone foolish packaging, if eligible to naturalize enough to travel crime-ridden “Jericho Highway” alone. Much sympathy for • Application review by an immigration priest and Levite, hurrying to assigned attorney or qualified legal temple ministry, unwilling to risk ritual representative. impurity through hands-on mercy. No Pre-registration recommended at www. sympathy for Jesus’ scandalous hero. ebnatz.org or call ( (510) 251-2846 Samaritans were religious apostates and political enemies. Jesus challenges them— Faith Formation for Adults and us—to seek God’s presence not only in liturgical beauty but in a fellow EXTRAORDINARY JUBILEE OF MERCY traveler’s self-inflicted misfortunes. See DVD SERIES God’s presence even in someone outside the law, whose hands-on mercy springs The Women’s Christian Fellowship not from religious obligation but from the invite you to Reflections on the Year of heart’s instinctive goodness. Since Jesus Mercy DVD series by Michael Renninger, became our “Good Samaritan” despite our pastor of St Mary’s Church in Richmond foolishness and sins, who are we to ration Virginia. Fr Mike has been a retreat master our mercy? “Who is my neighbor?” (Luke for two women’s retreats and his joy and 10:29). The next person we see who needs enthusiasm are contagious.  Please join hands-on mercy! No conditions, no limits, us for 5 weeks of DVDs and discussion. no exceptions. Especially in this Jubilee Monday evenings starting July 25 at Year of Mercy, Jesus commands, “Go and 7:00 pm in classroom A2. Sessions are as do likewise” (10:37). follows: Who God is; What is God’s Mercy; —Peter Scagnelli, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc. How Can We experience God’s Mercy; God Keeps Showing up; and The Mercy of Christ. Questions? Call Maureen ( 925360-1621 HEALING THE HEART WORKSHOP READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Is 1:10-17; Ps 50:8-9, 16bc-17, 21, 23; Mt 10:34 — 11:1 Tuesday: Is 7:1-9; Ps 48:2-8; Mt 11:20-24 Wednesday: Is 10:5-7, 13b-16; Ps 94:5-10, 14-15; Mt 11:25-27 Thursday: Is 26:7-9, 12, 16-19; Ps 102:1314ab, 15-21; Mt 11:28-30 Friday: Is 38:1-6, 21-22, 7-8; Is 38:10-12abcd, 16; Mt 12:1-8 Saturday: Mi 2:1-5; Ps 10:1-4, 7-8, 14; Mt 12:14-21 Sunday: Gen 18:1-10a; Ps 15:2-5; Col 1:2428; Lk 10:38-42

If you or someone you know is grieving the death of a loved one, we’d like to invite you to attend the Healing the Heart workshop. The workshop provides a safe place to express grief and begin healing after the loss of a loved one. Our grief companions have also lost someone who is dear to them and know the value of having someone listen with their heart. They recognize that each person’s grief is unique. The death of a loved one is unlike any other


loss. Whether the death was sudden and tragic, or one with warning and preparation, the reality of death leaves most of us shocked, confused and sad. These feelings may linger for years. The grief workshop is a six-week program characterized by trust in prayer, open sharing and spirituality. It is a Christ-centered program, but you do not have to be a member of St. Bonaventure’s parish or a Catholic to attend. It is open to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. The loss may have been a recent one or a long time ago. The next grief workshop begins Tuesday evening, August 23, from 7:30-9:00pm at St. Bonaventure Church. Registration is required by August 10. There is no cost to attend the workshop. Please call Helene Billeci at (925) 686-4870 for more information and to register. MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER

Jesus calls us to love the Lord and to love one another. He especially wants us to treat each other with compassion and kindness. Make the time to allow the love of God to strengthen, renew and rekindle your marriage relationship. Sign up today to attend one of the upcoming Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends on August 5-7 or Nov. 18-20. Early registration, 4 to 6 weeks out, is highly recommended. For more information, contact Mike & Jeanne (( 925.672.2016) or Joe & Sue (( 925.680.7767) now or go to www.oaklandwwme.org. Weekend presentations are in the Pleasanton/ Dublin area. TAI CHI FOR HEALTH

Blessings from Tai Chi for Health! Join us in the powerful, playful practice of Tai Chi & Qi Gong. Sessions are each Wednesday, in the Small Hall, and Friday in A4, from 10am to 11am. Bring an open mind and bottled water. Love offerings $10. Contact Instructor Ben ( 925 565-4636 with questions.


SAINT BONAVENTURE CATHOLIC CHURCH—IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN BUENAVENTURA July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario


Weekend of July 2 & 3 Collection Goal: $25,440 Actual: $22,349 Deficit: ($3,091) 2nd Collection Loan Interest: $1,745 Parish Loan Debt: $44,075.86 Food for Family: 234 EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) included in above figures

STAFF DIRECTORY office: 925-672-5800 Fr. Richard Mangini, pastor. . . . . . . . . . . x 2203 [email protected] Fr. David Lawrence, sj parochial vicar . x 2221 [email protected] Christa L. Fairfield, parish life director . x 2205 [email protected] William Gall, deacon [email protected] Gustavo Escruceria, deacon [email protected] HISPANIC MINISTRY Mariano Preza, deacon . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. x2215 [email protected] FACILITIES AND MAINTAINANCE Frank Palmeri. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . x 2216 [email protected] Liturgy & Prayer Anthony Arteaga, director of liturgy . . x 2230 [email protected] Faith Formation for Children Pre-School through Fifth Grade Program: Rosann Halick, director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . x 2204 [email protected] Debbie Schnick, adm. asst. . .. .. .. .. .. . x 2207 [email protected] Jr High and Youth Ministry (6th through 12th Grade) Youth Ministry: Miranda Ripoli, director. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [email protected]



Faith Formation for Adults Sr. Anne Burgard, adult initiation dir.. x 2219 [email protected] Eileen Limberg , adult faith formation coordinator. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . x 2217 [email protected]

Parish Community News

FAITH AND FAMILY DAY AT THE A’S, VS. SEATTLE MARINERS: Saturday, September 10, game time 1:05

This year we will be in one section, closer to home plate than last year: Section 225, Plaza level, in the shade.  The tickets are $23.  There are only one hundred (100) seats being reserved for us for a short period of time.  I will have some tickets on hand for purchase.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.  Call Gerry at 709-5404. SAVE THE DATE: KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS MOVIE NIGHT

On Saturday, August 20, the St Bonaventure Knights of Columbus are hosting the showing of the animated feature movie ZOOTOPIA, a story about how a policewoman rabbit and a con artist fox solve a terrible crime. We will be showing the movie under the stars from the stage on the west side of the St Bonaventure Campus on Clayton Rd. Seating will be on the grassy area next to the stage. We will also have a few tables and chairs set up on the sidewalk area on the east end of the grassy area. There will be games for the children, before the movie. There is no charge to attend the movie, but there will be food for sale – hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, water & popcorn. The Food Court will open at 7 PM. Show Time will be 8:15 PM. HOSPITALITY WEEKEND July 9 & 10

Join us for Hospitality Weekend. Thank you to the parishioners and volunteers who have donated to this fine ministry. After the 5pm Saturday Mass, we will have wine, soda, cheese, cookies, and crackers. After the 7:30am, 9am, and 11am Masses, there will be coffee, juice, donuts, and bagels. All are welcome!


A community of parishioners and survivors of cancer are waiting and willing to share your experience, pray with you and be there to help you through your ordeal. We offer ourselves in love and prayer to be at your side in many ways. Please call us; know that you are not alone: ( Elaine Shingleton at 672-1850, or Maria Padilla Fulmore (Que habla Español) 6866916. PREGNANT? NEED HELP?


For 15 years, CVCC has been serving the St. Bonaventure Community. The Counseling Center, with licensed therapists, serves individuals, couples and families, and prepares engaged couples for marriage using the well-established Prepare Program. ( 925-210-6176.


SAINT BONAVENTURE CATHOLIC CHURCH—IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN BUENAVENTURA July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario



outside parish


The Church of St. Anne Library will hold a book sale the weekend of July 16/17. The sale will be at the Parish Center at 1600 Rossmoor Parkway. Jigsaw puzzles, DVDs and CDs will be available. The books include biographies, cookbooks, children’s books, fiction, history, travel, and many others, as well as large print versions. Sale hours are: Saturday 10am6:30pm and Sunday 10:00am to 2:00pm.

With the blessings of God’s peace and goodness, come the retreat offerings for the 2016 Retreat program at Villa del Mar in Santa Cruz. We hope you find stimulating choices of themes for your time of spiritual renewal. We pray with you as you prepare to make space in your lives for retreat. We trust that you will be led by God’s Spirit. We know that our retreat center will support your decision with the loving service and beautiful gifts that the personnel, along with Mother Nature, will provide. The fee for each retreat is $620. The fee for commuters is $400. Please register by email or phone. Contact: [email protected] snjmuson.com; (831) 475-1236 July 19 – July 26 Sister Pat McCrann, SNJM Silence is the language of the heart. This Contemplative Retreat is an invitation to hear, in the sound of a gentle whisper, the voice of your beloved, seeking you, calling you, desiring you. Pat invites you to share a morning prayer opening the theme for each day, and will offer a variety of possible starting points for your prayer. A simple evening prayer will gather the experience of each day. Eucharistic Liturgy will be offered several times. If any participant would like more spiritual direction than Pat is offering, he/ she should indicate so on the application. Spiritual direction will be available for an additional fee.


St. Agnes Preschool and Pre-K program nurtures 3, 4 and young 5-year-olds. Children must be potty-trained. Help them start their journey in becoming independent and faith-centered learners. Application and registration forms can be found on our website stagnesconcord. com  or call 925-689-3990 for more information.


sanctuary light is lit for HUNG LE July 9- July 15 , 2016

Saturday, July 9 5:00 St. Bonaventure Community 7:30 9:00 11:00 5:00

Sunday, July 10 Maria Louisa de Luna Patricia Phillips Emidio Busuttil Frank & Angelina Formoso Catherine Caponio Ramon Albert Emidio Busuttil John Burgess Fr. Louie Dabovich Peter Rosselli Ruben Villanueva Arturo Bonilla For the safety of all children Helen Carapezzi

Monday, July 11 6:30 Communion Service 9:00 For all mothers-to-be World Peace 6:30 9:00

Tuesday, July 12 For Food Pantry Volunteers Gloria Pinangay Terry Greenwood Antonia Stellini David Pangelinan

Wednesday, July 13 6:30 For all priests and seminarians 9:00 Communion Service Thursday, July 14 6:30 All Pastoral Staff 9:00 Families who lost a loved one to violence Friday, July 15 6:30 Communion Service 9:00 Elizabeth David Saturday, July 16 5:00 Mary Simas Emidio Busuttil Ben & Vic Marquez Souls in Purgatory


SAINT BONAVENTURE CATHOLIC CHURCH—IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN BUENAVENTURA July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario


En el 2007, como parte de la celebración del Jubileo (50th) de la Parroquia, creamos un directorio fotográfico. Recuerda como las caras que veía en la Iglesia tenían nombre, una vez que usted recibió el directorio? Esto fue hace casi 10 años y nuestra Parroquia ha crecido significativamente desde entonces. Con gran emoción nos complace anunciar que hemos invitado nuevamente a Lifetouch para que tome las fotos de nuestros feligreses. Esperamos que participe y quiera ser incluido en el directorio. Así que, por favor revise su calendario y programe el horario para su fotografía. Fechas/Día y hora de la sesión Del 2 al 6 de Agosto de martes a sábado, 1PM-8:30PM & el sábado 10AM – 5:30PM Del 11 al 13 de Agosto de jueves a sábado, 1PM – 8:30PM & el sábado 10AM – 5:30PM Del 1 al 3 de Septiembre de jueves a sábado, 1PM – 8:30PM & el sábado 10AM – 5:30PM Del 7 al 10 de Septiembre de miércoles a sábado, 1PM – 8:30PM & sábado 10AM – 5:30PM La registración está disponible en línea. Simplemente visite nuestro sitio web, haga clic en el enlace Lifetouch, http:// www.stbonaventure.net/lifetouch y siga las sencillas instrucciones para ver las

citas, las fechas y horarios disponibles para registrar su sesión de retrato. Usted recibirá una confirmación por correo electrónico inmediatamente después de hacer una cita. También recibirá una llamada de recordatorio unos días antes de su cita. Si usted cree que es necesario cambiar la cita, también puede hacerlo. Si usted no tiene acceso a internet, o simplemente prefiere hacer su cita en persona, también tenemos inscripciones después de todas las Misas los fines de semana de julio 9/10 y julio 23/24. • El día de la sesión, inmediatamente después de las tomas, tendrán la oportunidad de ver sus fotos y seleccionar la fotografía que desea sea incluida en el directorio de la parroquia. • Recibirá su retrato a todo color en 8 “x 10” y también un directorio, GRATIS, solo por participar. • También podrá comprar las fotos adicionales que usted escoja. Por favor tenga en cuenta que no hay ninguna obligación de comprar fotos adicionales. Esta es una gran oportunidad, sin costo ni obligación para crear fotos profesionales y un nuevo directorio de la parroquia al mismo tiempo. Esperamos que usted forme parte de nuestro nuevo directorio. Haga su cita a partir del 18 de junio.

Horario de Oficina: Diácono Mariano Preza Teléfono ( (925) 844-9015 Cerrado para almuerzo de 12:30-1:30p.m. Lunes a Jueves: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Viernes: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Año jubilar de la Misericordia Décimo Quinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

¿Puede alguien negar que la lección suprema de misericordia de Jesús, sea la parábola del buen samaritano? ¡Jesús tenía una audiencia devotamente religiosa! Quienes no simpatizaban con aquellas personas lo suficientemente tontas como para recorrer el “camino a Jericó” solas. Esta ruta era conocida por su índice de criminalidad. Mucha simpatía por el sacerdote y el levita, apresurándose a asignarles un ministerio en el templo, sin querer correr el riesgo de cometer un ritual de impureza a través de la práctica de la misericordia. Ninguna simpatía por Jesús, el héroe escandaloso. Los Samaritanos eran religiosos apostatas y enemigos políticos. Jesús desafía al Maestro de la ley — y hoy a nosotros — a buscar la presencia de Dios no sólo en la belleza litúrgica sino en las desdichas y aflicciones de un compañero de viaje. Ver la presencia de Dios incluso en alguien fuera de la ley, quien practica la misericordia no por obligación religiosa, sino por la bondad instintiva del corazón. ¿Puesto que Jesús se convirtió en nuestro “buen samaritano” a pesar de nuestra necedad y pecados, quiénes somos nosotros para racionar nuestra misericordia? “¿Quién es mi prójimo?” (Lucas 10:29). ¡Es la próxima persona que veamos que necesita misericordia! Sin condiciones, sin límites, sin excepciones. Especialmente en este Año Jubilar de la Misericordia, cumplamos el mandamiento de Jesús, “vayan y hagan lo mismo” (10:37). Peter Scagnelli, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.

Frases del Papa Francisco

Jesús manda a los suyos sin “talega, ni alforja, ni sandalias” (Lc 10,4). La difusión del Evangelio no está asegurada ni por el número de personas, ni por el prestigio de la institución, ni por la cantidad de recursos disponibles. Lo que cuenta es estar imbuidos del amor de Cristo, dejarse conducir por el Espíritu Santo, e injertar la propia vida en el árbol de la vida, que es la Cruz del Señor.

SAINT BONAVENTURE CATHOLIC CHURCH—IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN BUENAVENTURA July 10, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — 10 de julio de 2016 Decimoquinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario Jesús Modelo de Misericordia

La parábola del buen samaritano que hoy leemos en el Evangelio de San Lucas nos pone en claro cómo debemos vivir la ley de la caridad, el amor a Dios y a nuestros hermanos. Para convencernos de que no basta hablar ni proclamar de palabra lo que aceptamos por la fe, para probarnos que la caridad y el amor de Dios son algo más que poesía, Jesús respondió a un doctor de la Ley que repetía como un verdadero maestro el texto del mandamiento del amor: “Bien dicho. Haz esto y tendrás la vida.” O sea, que no basta saber, ni predicar, ni enseñar. Hay que actuar, practicar obras de amor y de misericordia, porque de lo contrario no tendremos “la vida”, la vida eterna de la que Cristo habló tantas veces. Y para que no quedara ninguna duda de cómo practicar el primer mandamiento, Jesús usa una historia imaginaria, una figura fácil de entender por cualquier persona, por poco letrado que sea: usa la parábola del buen samaritano. El sacerdote que paso de largo nos sirve de ejemplo para saber que la caridad no es ciencia, ni profesión. Tampoco es fe, aunque deben ir juntas. La caridad es una actividad permanente de bondad, amor, y servicio. Es la base de la vida del cristiano y sin ella, al decir de San Pablo, somos “como campanas que resuenan.” El levita, que es como decir “gente de la Iglesia”, que pasa despreocupado del infeliz herido que yace junto al camino, es la figura de los cristianos cómodos de ayer y de hoy que creen cumplir con Dios yendo a la Iglesia de vez en cuando y echando algunas monedas sonantes en el platillo de la colecta dominical. Desde el Antiguo Testamento, el señor nos advierte que el mandamiento de la caridad con el prójimo está más cerca de nosotros” en nuestro corazón. Y en el Nuevo Testamento, Cristo, “primogénito de toda criatura”, nos ha enseñado el modo de guardarlo. Si somos sus discípulos, hagamos lo que el nos dice. Así en el mundo habrá más amor y más esperanza. Dios los guarde. Diácono Mariano Preza.


Bautizos 2016 Lugar de bautizo: Iglesia • Lugar clases: B-1 Encargado: Gregorio Menchaca, 826-5102 ****Para información sobre clases, favor contactar la oficina****

Fecha de Bautizo

Hora de Bautizo

Fecha de Clase

Hora de Clase

Sat 09/10

10:00 a.m.

Fri 09/09

7-9:30 p.m.

Sat 09/24

10:00 a.m.

Fri 09/16

7-9:30 p.m.

Sat 10/15 

10:00 a.m.

Fri 10/07

7-9:30 p.m.

Sat 10/29

10:00 a.m.

Fri 10/14

7-9:30 p.m.

Sat 11/05

12:00 p.m.

Fri 11/04

7-9:30 p.m.

Sat 11/19

12:00 p.m.

Fri 11/18

7-9:30 p.m.

Sat 12/17

12:00 p.m.

Fri 12/16

7-9:30 p.m.


July 10, 2016 - St. Bonaventure - Concord, CA

Photography sessions start soon! Sign up after Mass this weekend in the foyer or anytime at: www.stbonaventure.net/lifetouch See page 2 for a complete...

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