Job Families Explanation and Guidelines Definition A job family is


Job Families Explanation and Guidelines

Definition A job family is defined as a series of related job titles with progressively higher levels of impact, knowledge, skills, abilities (competencies), and other factors, providing for promotional opportunities over time. Key Elements of Job Family Title Series Assignment/Promotions to a level within a job family:  Are based on identified competencies and needs of the department;  Are based on supervisor recommendation and/or committee review;  Are made concurrent with annual budget cycle; and  Must follow the standard request/approval procedures. Job Value standards:  Focus on increasingly higher levels of responsibilities;  Focus on an increasing level of individual skills, knowledge, and abilities;  Focus on contributions to team, departmental image and service; and  Must be met or exceeded to qualify for promotion to a higher level. Promotional opportunities:  Are non-competitive;  Must be initiated by supervisor based on organizational objectives;  Are based on recognized increases in the value of job responsibilities and duties, and quality of performance; and  Are in some cases based on completion of development plans and assigned training Development/training opportunities:  Are identified by the supervisor as part of annual performance review cycle;  Are based on competencies established for each level; and  May include job enrichment activities, job rotation, AU HRD programs, in-house, onthe-job, and external sources. Salary adjustments:  Are based on the availability of funds;  Use a standard University formula to determine maximum allowable salary increase; and  Are effective at the start of new the fiscal year.

Job Family Committees  

When appropriate the University supports the use of job family oversight committees to screen all applications for job family promotions and to review and make recommendations regarding training and other requirements necessary to advance through the job family. Recommendations for job family promotions or changes in a job family are generally presented to the oversight committee for review and approval. Such committees are intended to ensure consistency in promotional activity within a job family. The Human Resources Department can assist in the development and operation of such committees.    

Job Family Training and Development

  Purpose The goal of development programs is to define the quantity, content, and sources of accessible programs that enable employees to fulfill competency expectations of the job family, while allowing supervisors maximum flexibility in managing staff training. Such programs do not necessarily require a lock-step training sequence per level. Development programs should be designed to promote an employee’s career objective and fulfill annual training and development activities which supervisors are expected to assign and employees are expected to fulfill in order to qualify for future promotions within the job family. Additional expectations of professional and service activities, certifications, etc. may be assigned to the employee by the supervisor as the employee progresses to the upper levels of the Job Family.

  General Professional Development Human Resources Development offers training activities which stress the continuing development of human resource related skills and abilities that are of major importance in job effectiveness, focusing on the following categories: communications, leadership, service, teamwork, and process improvement. The supervisor should assess the employee’s proficiency in each category to determine development priorities. The existing curriculum of Auburn University HRD courses offers a broad range of programs in these categories. As the employee completes all appropriate AU HRD courses, the supervisor should substitute content from other sources to provide continuing development in these categories throughout the career of the employee. Areas of focus could include:  Communications;  Leadership;  Service;  Teamwork; and  Process improvement.

  Unit, Job Specific and/or Technical Training This training is designed to improve an employee’s technical or professional knowledge for his/her specific job. Areas of focus could include:  AU Office Administration courses;  AU IT courses; and  Discipline-specific certificates 2   


Approved Credit Courses Following University guidelines for enrollment in credit programs and as approved by one’s supervisor, an employee’s participation in credit courses may be taken into account toward job and professional development expectations on an ad hoc basis.

  Documentation Completion of training and assignments for the coming year should be documented as part of the University’s standard annual performance planning and review process. Included in the appendices of this document is the form “Annual Employee Training and Development Plan” which can be used to plan and track employee training and development activities.

  Applications for the annual cycle of Job Family planned program promotions should document training accomplishments. Though these applications are generally due in March, AU Human Resources allows training completed before October 1 to count towards a job family member’s promotional requirements for that year. For clarity, completion of such training should be documented as “anticipated.”      


  Procedures and Criteria for Job Family Promotions Annual Employee Training and Development Plan Request for Job Family Promotion Example of Job Family Leveling Guidelines


Job Family Procedure and Criteria for Job Family Promotion  

Advancement within a job family will be considered as part of the University’s annual cycle of planned job family promotions. Job family promotions are not automatic or employee-driven. Applications for promotional review of an employee must be initiated by the supervisors following the process outlined herein.

  Contingent on funding, advancement within a job family requires the recommendation of the supervisor based on the objectives of the unit, change in work expectations, and the placement of the position within the organization. The employee must meet minimum standards and possess demonstrated capabilities to hold the position at a higher level. The employee will be expected to meet higher performance standards for the advanced position.

  Promotions within a job family will be considered on the basis of the employee’s assignment to higher level duties, responsibilities, and accountability. The employee must have demonstrated increased competency, met all specified criteria for the advanced position, and performed at a satisfactory level for the period of time specified for their current level. Participation in training and development opportunities appropriate for the prospective program promotion will be reviewed. The employee must meet any development and training goals established by the supervisor in annual performance planning. Promotions within a job family will follow the progression outlined for each job family. Promotions within a job family occur one level at a time within a budget cycle. Promotions of two or more levels within a budget cycle are not permitted.

  For initiation and approval of program promotions, supervisors shall prepare and submit the form “Request for Job Family Promotion” through their appropriate department head/dean/vice president. The form “Request for Job Family Promotion” is available at:

  After all departmental approvals are obtained, the request must be submitted to the job family oversight committee established (if appropriate) who will review each application for promotion to ensure that all required training, experience, performance and other criteria have been met for the target job level. Upon completion of their review, the committee will forward all qualified applications to their department’s Human Resource Liaison.

  Applications for program promotions must be received by March 1 of the current fiscal year in order to be reviewed for reclassification in the upcoming fiscal year. Approved program promotions will take effect on October 1 of the upcoming fiscal year.


Annual Employee Training and Development Plan

Name of employee

Fiscal Year


HRD Courses

OTHER Courses

On the Job Training

DATE Completed


HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: Communication Leadership Service Teamwork Process Improvement


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: As assigned, participation in regional/national organizational activities and university service





Clear the form Request for Job Family Promotion 

Division/Div. #: ________________________

Department/Dept. #:_______________________

Employee Banner ID: ___________________

Employee Name: _________________________

Position Number: _______________________

FOAP Acct. Number: _____________________

Current Job Code: _______________________

New Job Code: ___________________________

Current Title: ___________________________

New Title: _______________________________

Current Salary: _________________________

New Salary: ______________________________

Date of Hire: ___________________________

Date of Hire in Current Position: ______________

At any time your Compensation Administration team and your department’s Human Resource Liaison are available to assist you. If you need assistance in identifying the department liaison visit the HR website: Compensation Team: Shelly Murray – 4-1635 [email protected] Julene Pugh – 4-1858 [email protected] Bailey Burdg – 4-1601 [email protected]

Submitted by: Supervisor’s Name/Title: Supervisor’s Banner ID:


Justification for Promotion Please see the job leveling guidelines attached to the job description for an explanation of Responsibilities, Knowledge, and Education and Experience required for each level of the job family. Please provide at least two specific supporting examples for each question.

Does the employee meet or exceed the minimum qualifications for the proposed new job? Yes No If yes, provide examples of how the employee exceeds minimum qualifications.

Has the employee completed all training and development requirements as established by the supervisor? Yes No Please list and explain the fulfillment of training and development activities and attach the completed and signed Annual Employee Training and Development Plan on page 5.

To be promotion eligible, the employee must have received a performance rating of no less than “3” or “strong performance” in the last 12 months. Has the employee received a performance rating of a 3 (strong performance) or greater in the last 12 months? Yes No Please describe below the employee’s increase in his/her level of competency (ies).


Please explain how the employee has demonstrated the ability to perform the responsibilities of the higher level job. Provide at least one example.

Does the department have a legitimate need for the new level of responsibilities required of the higher level job? Yes No Please explain.

Supervisor’s statement: Please provide a brief statement supporting the employee’s readiness for promotion. 

Submit any other documentation, such as an employee’s resume or vita, to support this requested job family promotion.

Once completed, please submit this form along with any other justification documents to your Human Resource Liaison.

Approvals:  Supervisor (print): ________________



Dept. head (print): ________________



Dean/director (print): ______________



HR Liaison (print): ______________ _




Sample Auburn University Job Family and Levels Job Family Name: Admin Professional 3-Level Sample Jobs: Accountant; Editor; Internal Auditor; Buyer; Counselor, Career; Advisor, Admissions; Curator; Human Resources Generalist Level 1 

Responsibility: Under immediate supervision, performs standard tasks using established methods, principles, concepts and procedures related to a specialized field. Judgments are made on routine matters of relatively small impact.

Knowledge: Knows fundamental concepts, practices and procedures of particular field of specialization.

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in discipline appropriate to position with no experience.

Level 2 

Responsibility: Under close supervision, performs varied duties and assignments involving some judgment. Resolves routine questions or problems, referring only complex issues to higher level. Some evaluation, originality and ingenuity required.

Knowledge: Knows and applies fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of particular field of specialization, with awareness of related fields.

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in discipline appropriate to position plus two years of experience. Experience must include at least 2 years at the preceding level or equivalent.

Level 3 

Responsibility: Under minimal supervision, performs complex assignments and fulfills broad responsibilities where required outcomes are defined, but methods and procedures may vary based on professional judgment precedent. Considerable latitude for unreviewed action. Confers with supervisor on unusual matters. Coordinates the work of others on projects and may assign work to and assist less experienced professionals or support staff. May act in advisory capacity to managers or faculty.

Knowledge: Possesses and applies a broad knowledge of principles, practices, and procedures of a particular field of specialization to the completion of difficult assignments. Also possesses knowledge of related fields and areas of operation which affect, or are affected, by own area.

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in discipline appropriate to position plus four years of experience. Experience must include at least 2 years at the preceding level or equivalent.


Job Families Explanation and Guidelines Definition A job family is

Job Families Explanation and Guidelines Definition A job family is defined as a series of related job titles with progressively higher levels of impa...

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