Holy Family Parish Paróquia Sagrada Família


Holy Family Parish Paróquia Sagrada Família

Holy Family Parish


Holy Family Parish Paróquia Sagrada Família 30 Grafton Street Lowell MA 01852 Main Phone: (978)453-2134 Brazilian Community: (978)934-0622 Fax: (978)453-0933 Email: [email protected] Pastor Reverend Donald G. Lozier, OMI


4:00 PM

John Furtado (5th Anniversary)


8:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:45 AM 6:00 PM

Isabelle Morrissette Mario Ciaravolo (9th Anniv.) Brazilian Mass Brazilian Mass


Pastoral Staff Reverend Gilmond Boucher, OMI Reverend Jonas Christal (Brazilian) Sr. Joan Gregoire, SND Deacon Alvaro Soares

8:00 AM

No Intention


8:00 AM 7:30 PM

Frank Santos Brazilian Mass


8:00 AM

McArdle and Healy Family


Business Manager David McLean Director of Religious Education Richard Ouellette Religious Education Secretary Bailey Lizotte High School of Religion Director W. Gerald Dockett (978)808-4505 Parish Secretaries Marlene Heiss (Brazilian) Pat Noel (English) Custodians Roger Geoffroy Al Stamp

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Lottie McQuaid


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George & Catherine McWilliams


4:00 PM

Albert J. Dreven (3rd anniv.)


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Isabelle Morrissette Normand St. Amand Brazilian Mass Brazilian Mass

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ARCHDIOCESE OF BOSTON The Office of Spiritual Life And the Office of Health Ministry Offer Regional Morning of Prayer For Pastoral Visitors and Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick “IN THE NAME OF JESUS OF NAZARETH”

Please remember those in the armed services— keeping us safe. We also pray for all who have died serving our country, that they may be welcomed into paradise, where they will live forever with God.

St. Francis of Assisi Parish Dracut Ma Saturday March 28, 2015 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon There is no charge To register vall the Office of Spiritual Life at (617)779-3640 Or e-mail [email protected]

Holy Family Parish

Pray for…those

who are ill, those who are now or have recently been in the hospital, and those who have requested our prayers, especially Dr. Gert Bailey, Lucy Balkus, Carol Britton, Jackie Britton, the Buote Family, James Campbell, Bernadette Chartrand, Helena Ciaravolo, Millie Ciszek, Dom & Claire Contardo, Anne Marie Countie, Jane Daly, Gary Desmond, Mary Dockett, Claire Durkin, Lee Furtado, Jean Gagne, Sr. Marilyn Gignac, Donna Gravelle, Frank Holden, Rev. Patrick Hollywood OMI, Pauline Jankowski, Sally Kelly, David Kloc, Jim & Annette Knust, Maryann Lanzara, Rev. Robert Levesque OMI, Liz Machado, Sheila McCarthy, Georgette Mendonca, Manuel Mendonca Sr., Ann Murphy, Rev. Norman Parent OMI, Jeanne Pinard, Doris Poisson, Mary Agnes Rivanis, Rev. Lucien Sawyer OMI, Mary Sperounis, Henry Surprenant, Susan Sykes, Brian Tanny, Barbara Vayo, and Rita Wrenn. May they experience God’s healing love and comfort. Please call the Parish Center to have a name put on the prayer list.

FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT PRAYER AND REFLECTION For the Third Sunday of Lent March 8, 2015 Read: John 2:13-25 Our understanding of who God is and how we relate to God has not come easily over the centuries. As we hear today, the Jews were led to understand the importance of the law. Jesus came to demonstrate an even deeper truth rooted in his own self-giving, death, and resurrection. It was hard to swallow. Paul tells us that God’s wisdom was a stumbling block for many. For us, it’s not an either-or situation. We come to know God both through the guidance of the law and by personally encountering Jesus, who gave himself for us. We acknowledge that God’s wisdom is greater and deeper than human wisdom. We pray that the whole human family may be awakened to God’s unending guidance and love for us. That the church may continue to be a learning community, seeking to know God and God’s will for us… we pray, For our Jewish brothers and sisters, who show us how the Law reveals God’s love… we pray, For all those for whom Christ crucified is a stumbling block… we pray,

The Light is On For You! Holy Family and all the parishes and chapels of the Archdiocese of Boston will be open for individual confessions. Inviting Catholics to experience Christ’s healing love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the major initiatives of Cardinal Seán and the Archdiocese this year. RECONCILIATION AT HOLY FAMILY

Tuesdays Fr. Jonas at the Church Chapel 6:30—7:15 Wednesdays Fr. Don at the Parish Center 7:00—8:00 PM

For peace throughout the world, and for wisdom among those whose decisions impact war or peace.… we pray, For those preparing for the sacraments and reception into the church, and for those who are teaching and guiding them… we pray, For the sick, needy, and suffering among us. For those who have died, and for those who grieve… we pray, Prayer Gracious God, you have lovingly shown us the way to you. Help us to embrace your pathway and to walk patiently with those who struggle. Make us viable witnesses of the Gospel to all who enter our lives each day. We pray in the name of your Son, Christ crucified. Amen. Celebration 2015

Holy Family Parish


ST. PATRICK by Paul Turner Everyone knows when St. Patrick's Day is. MARCH 1, 2015 But in the world of Catholic trivia, March 17 is often something else. Offertory Needed to meet Budget Offertory Collection St. Patrick served as archbishop of Armagh in Br. Offertory Needed to meet Budget the fifth century. He brought Christianity to Brazilian Offertory Ireland, where it continues to flourish. Today, Patrick has advanced far beyond most other DIzimo needed to meet budget Brazilian Dizimo saints, into the world of secular calendars, parades, greeting cards, table decorations, and parties. Not even the 12 apostles can boast such a festive following.

3796 3359 550 397 725 1707

However, because of our quirky church calendar, many March 17s come and go without a mention of Patrick at Mass. Our church ranks saints' days by their importance. The principal days are called “solemnities." Christmas and Easter are the two Holy Family Religious Education classes will most important. Next are the celebrations continue on Wednesday .March 18. called "feasts." Here is where we find, among others, the apostles. Then there are Class times are: Grade 1 4:30—5:30 "memorials," the saints of general interest on Grade 2 4:30—5:40 the universal calendar - like Francis of Assisi, Grades 3,4,5 5:45—6:50 Therese the Little Flower, and some of our Grades 6,7,8 6:00—7:15 newest saints like Maximilian Kolbe and Andrew High School 6:00—7:00 Dung-Lac and companions. They show the multiculturalism of the communion of saints. All classes will be held in the Church Hall. Then there are "optional memorials." These saints have limited or local interest, and your If you have questions for classes from grades community may opt in or opt out of celebrating one through eight, please call Dick Ouellette at them. These include Nereus and Achilleus, (978)453-2134 X15.. Maria Goretti, Turibius de Mogrovejo, and believe it or not - Patrick. Consequently, a If you have questions for the High School of parish could skip over Patrick every year and Religion, please call Jerry Dockett at (978)808celebrate something like "Tuesday of the Fourth 4505. Week of Lent." When March 17 falls on a Sunday, Patrick drops out for a year. Sundays take precedence over optional memorials. However, the principal patron of a diocese, parish, or country, takes the status of a solemnity. When March 17 falls on a Sunday in Lent, locales under Patrick's patronage may celebrate his day on March 18. The liturgical color for Patrick is white, as for other saintly bishops who were spared a martyr's death. We reserve green vestments for Ordinary Time.

A best friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have. Author Unknown

Holy Family Parish


“Deus não enviou o seu Filho ao mundo para condenar o mundo, mas para que o mundo seja salvo por ele.” IV Dom Quaresma (Ano B): – 2Cr 36,14-16.19-23; Sl 136(137); Ef 2,4-10; Jo 3,14-21. A conversa de Jesus com Nicodemos assume a conotação de um diálogo com o judaísmo oficial de Jerusalém no tempo em que o evangelho de João foi escrito, depois da exclusão dos cristãos da sinagoga. Mostra que “os mestres em Israel”, apesar do entendimento que têm das Escrituras, pouco entendem sobre o reino e não nasceram da água e do Espírito (v. 5), sinais, para os cristãos, da iniciação no caminho de Jesus pelo batismo. Nicodemos está diante da chance única de fazer o caminho de um novo nascimento. Sozinho não pode entender, precisa receber a revelação de Jesus, aquele que vem do alto para tornar-se “filho da humanidade” e que foi exaltado na cruz. João recorre ao Antigo Testamento para mostrar que, do mesmo modo que no tempo de Moisés,. a serpente foi um sinal de libertação para o povo no deserto, para a comunidade cristã este sinal é Jesus, crucificado e glorificado. Ao mesmo tempo ele é o dom do amor de Deus à humanidade. Deus envia o seu Filho para que a humanidade tenha, já nesta terra, a vida eterna. No confronto com ele, o mundo se divide em duas categorias: os que aceitam a sua luz e os que a rejeitam pelo medo de encarar a própria vida na sua luminosidade. É um julgamento. A quaresma nos coloca diante do gesto supremo do amor de Deus realizado na existência humana de Jesus. Diante do seu gesto, não podemos ficar indiferentes. A sua luz revela a nossa verdade, e então, dependendo da escolha que fizermos, entramos na vida ou no apagamento de uma vida sem sentido, que se arrasta centrada em nossos pequenos interesses. Trata-se de agir movido por Deus, o que significa amor concreto, cada dia, como Jesus que amou sempre e até o fim. (Extraído do Dia do Senhor)

Oração Ó Pai, fonte de luz e de vida, por teu filho Jesus Cristo reconciliaste a humanidade dividida. Arranca de nós toda a sombra de tristeza e liberta-nos totalmente para que caminhemos cheios de alegria para as festas pascais que se aproximam. Por Cristo, nosso Senhor. Amém.. Pe. Jonas D. Christal (http://palavra-nossa.blogspot.com) Encontre-nos no Facebook: “Comunidade Católica de Lowell”

LEITURAS DA SEMANA: 2a feira: Is 65,17-21; Sl 29(30); Jo 4,43-54. 3a feira: Ez 47,1-9.12; Sl 45(46); Jo 5,1-16. 4a feira: Is 7,10-14;8,10; Sl 39(40); Hb 10,4-10; Lc 1,26-38. 5a feira: Ex 32,7-14; Sl 105(106); Jo 5,31-47. 6a feira: Sb 2,1a.12-22; Sl 33(34); Jo 7,1-2.10.25-30. Sábado: Jr 11,18-20; Sl 7; Jo 7,40-53. 5o DQ: Jr 31,31-34; Sl 50(51); Hb 5,7-9; Jo 12,20-33.

Holy Family Parish


“He sent them forth to proclaim the reign of God and heal the afflicted” (Lk 9:2) Father Albert MacPherson, O.S.A., of the Augustinian Healing ministry, located at Our Lady of Consolation Friary, Lawrence, Massachusetts, will conduct a Healing Mass here at St. Margaret Parish on Monday evening, March 23, 2015 at 7:00pm. Please, come and invite your family, friends and anyone else who might be in need of healing of any kind to join you. During the Healing Mass, there will be an opportunity to be anointed with blest oil (not the sacrament of the sick). Everyone will be invited to come and be anointed and pray for healing of body, mind, or spirit, for yourself, or intercession for someone else. Jesus is the healer. He says, “Ask and you shall receive,” so we can trust that God will answer our sincere prayers either the way we ask or in a much more wonderful way. Religious books, rosaries, and medals will be on sale in the foyer of the main entrance of the church. A Collection (free will offering) will be taken up for the support of the Augustinian healing Ministry. Father MacPherson began full-time healing in 1983 after years of experience in spiritual renewal work including ten years of pastoral experience. In 1962, he joined the Order of St. Augustine and professed vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in 1966. Father MacPherson was ordained to the priesthood in 1974. He did undergraduate studies at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia and Villanova University in Pennsylvania. And he did graduate theological studies at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He is a member of The Association of Christian Therapists.

LIFT Worship Night Join LIFT Ministries on Friday, March 27 at 7:00 PM for an inspiring night of worship at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston with guest speaker Mother Adela Galindo. The night will include uplifting music, a relevant talk, confessions, Eucharistic Adoration, and is FREE to attend and open to ALL AGES. A downloadable flyer, along with more information about LIFT, can be found on their website at www.liftedhigher.com. Come and worship with hundreds of Catholics from around the Boston area!

"Massachusetts Citizens for Life Annual Convention, "We're All About Life": Find out how pro-life laws are saving countless lives; ethical, natural solutions for infertility that are the most effective; the latest on end-of-life care and doctor-prescribed suicide. You can do the best pro-life work when you are informed! Join us on March 21, 2015, from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM. St. Sebastian’s Needham www.masscitizensforlife.org, 617-242-4199." Massachusetts Citizens for Life The Schrafft Center, 529 Main Street Boston Massachusetts 02129

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978-459-9222 • www.faymccabe.com “Our Family Serving Your Family for Over 80 Years” 1215 Main Street, Unit 122 Tewksbury, MA 01876

(978) 851-9103 Come tour our beautiful facility. 978-458-8773 • Short-Term Rehabilitation • Long-Term Care • Hospice Care • Respite Care Northwood Rehabilitation & Health Care Center • 1010Vamum Ave., Lowell, MA 01854 athenanh.com/northwood Managed by Athena Health Care Systems


Rosaries from Flowers “Handmade from the Flowers of your Loved One”

Lowell 978-459-9000

www.rosariesfromflowers.com Christenings, weddings, showers, bereavement meals, overnight stays and more!

& Affordable

“Be a Servant” Matthew 20:26

www.uml.edu/icc 978-934-6920 50 Warren St., Lowell, MA

Apartment Homes

Tax PreParaTion, BookkeePing, Payroll ServiceS


and more.

Monument Works

Eulalia Raposo 978-735-4934 | 978-397-1762

www.riverpl.com 1025 Lawrence St., Lowell 978-452-7821 877.665.4785

For stories of our priests, visit www.clergyfunds.org Clergy Health and Retirement Trust

Caring for the Well-Being of our Boston Priests

Member FDIC


Nos Falamos Portugues 95 Rogers Street, Lowell MA 01852

“I didn’t know how we would pay for mom’s funeral. What a blessing!” Low-cost life insurance from the Catholic Association of Foresters Protecting families. Nurturing community. These ideas have sustained our fraternal benefit society since 1879. And they’re just as important as ever today. That’s why we offer you: • A variety of final expense life-insurance policies • A range of grants and scholarships for education • A community rooted in faith To find out more call toll free 1-800-282-2263 or go to www.catholicforesters.org

220 Forbes Road, Suite 404, Braintree, MA 02184

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Holy Family Parish, Lowell, MA


Holy Family Parish Paróquia Sagrada Família

Holy Family Parish Paróquia Sagrada Família Holy Family Parish FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT Holy Family Parish Paróquia Sagrada Família 30 Grafton Street...

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