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October 10, 1997 • Volume 7, Issue 38

Is it good for business? By Kenneth Jost

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The American work force, predominantly white and male throughout history, is becoming more and more diverse. Women now comprise almost half of the labor force, while the number of African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American workers is increasing more rapidly than the number of whites. The increased diversity has created strains in many workplaces. It also has spawned a specialized industry of consultants to advise organizations on how to manage the new mixture of race, gender and culture at work more effectively – and how to avoid the kind of discrimination suits that ensnared Texaco. Some critics say the diversity movement has fueled hostility toward white males. But diversity advocates say they are helping employees and employers alike to value cultural differences and maximize the productivity of all workers.

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Diversity in the Workplace: CQR

Help | Login Search by keyword... Advanced Search 1923 - present FULL REPORT Introduction Overview October 10, 1997 • Volume 7, Issue 38 Is it ...

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