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2/Lt Louis Forde CAMPBELL-MURDOCH 2nd Scots Guards



Charles MURDOCH (born about 1827 in IRL - died 6 Nov 1900 in Gunnersbury, London, ENG) and Jane (Jennie) FORDE (born about 1851 in IRL - died 8 Jun 1935 in Burford, OXF, ENG)


Life Range

Abt 187119 Sep 1916


Abt 1827

Birth of Father:

Charles MURDOCH (born about 1827 in IRL - died 6 Nov 1900 in Gunnersbury, London, ENG). In IRL.


Abt 1851

Birth of Mother:

Jane (Jennie) FORDE (born about 1851 in IRL - died 8 Jun 1935 in Burford, OXF, ENG). In IRL.


Abt 1871






Brentford, MDX, ENG. At Brandenburgh Road: Charles MURDOCH, head, age 51, Merchant Barbary, born Ireland Jane MURDOCH, wife, age 30, born Ireland Louis MURDOCH, son, age 10, born Gibraltar Ethel MURDOCH, dau, age 7, born Kensington, Middlesex Archibald MURDOCH, son, age 4, born Acton, Middlesex Dora MURDOCH, dau, age 3, born Acton, Middlesex Charles MURDOCH, son, age 1, born Chiswick, Middlesex Eliza F---- (?), mother-in-law, age 59, born Ireland [probably FORDE] Hugh F---- (?), nephew, age 7, born Ireland [probably FORDE] (Plus 4 servants)


17 May 1889

Birth of Spouse:

Anita Hope FERNAU (born 17 May 1889 in Casablanca, MOROCCO - died 12 Aug 1979 in CMA, ENG).




Brentford, MDX, ENG. At 41 Brandenburgh Road: Charles MURDOCH, head, age 61, Barbary Merchant, born Ireland Jeannie MURDOCH, wife, age 39, born Ireland Louis F. M. C. MURDOCH, son, age 20, Clerk, born Gibraltar Doreen M. L. MURDOCH, dau, age 13, born Acton, Middlesex Hugh C. MURDOCH, son, age 7, born Barbary (British Subject) Mary TOROE (?), niece, age 12, born Ireland [probably FORDE] (Plus 3 servants)


6 Nov 1900

Death of Father:

Charles MURDOCH (born about 1827 in IRL - died 6 Nov 1900 in Gunnersbury, London, ENG).




Father £5753.


16 Oct 1907


Anita Hope FERNAU (born 17 May 1889 in Casablanca, MOROCCO - died 12 Aug 1979 in CMA, ENG). In St Gabriel's Warwick Square, London.


20 Mar 1913


Name: Mr Louis MURDOCH Date of departure: 20 March 1913 Port of departure: London Passenger destination: Casablanca, Morocco Date of Birth: 1875; Age: 38; Occupation: Merchant Per Agadir


Feb 1916



19 Sep 1916


France. Died of Wounds. on 15 Jan 2016

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2/Lt Louis Forde CAMPBELL-MURDOCH 2nd Scots Guards



St. Pierre Cemetery, Amiens, France.


12 Dec 1916


£12580. To his widow.


12 May 1920

Wife Remarried:

Yes. Hampstead Heath, Lt-Col Robert Keith Agnew MacAULAY, Royal Engineers and had another two children - John D. (1924) and ? (one still living).

Personal File:

No file located.

Father's Occupation:

MERCHANT: Barbary Coast.

Father's Status:

Dead: died 1900.

Mother's Status:

Alive: died 1935.

Higher Education:

OXFORD: Trinity.


MERCHANT: Barbary Coast.




Mary Ethel MURDOCH , born 1873, Kensington Middlesex (did not marry) Kathleen Armytage MURDOCH , born April 28 1875, baptised 3 July 1875, Turnham Green, Chiswick Lt. Archibald Jose Campbell MURDOCH, 1st/Cameron Highlanders Born 28 June 1876, baptised 16 August 1876, St Mary Acton, son of Charles (a Merchant) and Jenny; abode Acton. [Boer War] Killed in action at Nooitgedacht. 13th Dec. 1900. Age 24. Served Sudan 1898 (Medal and Khedive's medal & 2 clasps). [Notice in The Times 17/12/1900]. Enrolled Trinity College Glenalmond, Perth SCT Lent Term 1892. Born 28th Jan (sic) 1876. Son of C.C. MURDOCH, Darna, Gunnersbury. Left Glenalmond Easter 1895. Passed Military Competitive 1897. 2nd Lt, Cameron Highlanders 1897; Lt 1898; S. African War 1899-1902; Wounded; Killed in Action at Nooitgedacht, South Africa 13 Dec 1900. ( Glenalmond College Register; 1847-1954. Edinburgh, 1955 p.81 ) Achievements (from Glenalmond Chronicle - School Magazine): May 1893 (p.3) 2nd in the 300 yards open handicap in School Athletics Competition. There were 54 entries and the racing was excellent throughout. In the final Murdoch led till the last 20 yards when Fisher passed him and won by a yard. July 1893 (p.10) Appointed Captain of Junior Cricket. October 1893 (p.2) Passed Army Preliminary Exam. March 1894 (p.5) Listed as Member of 2nd XV Rugby Team. February 1900 (p.2) Listed as serving in the South African War "Lieut. A.J.H. Murdoch, Cameron Highlanders - ordered out from Egypt. February 1901, death announced (p.13.). Killed in action at Nooitgedacht, South Africa 13 December 1900. At Glenalmond 18921894. (NB: Discrepency in date of leaving between this and entry in the register - I would tend to go with the register - E.M.). Brothers Louis Charles and Hugh are not listed in the College Register. [From:Mrs Elaine Mundill, Librarian, Glenalmond College, Perth, PH1 3RY [email protected]] Marion Doreen Janet MURDOCH , born 1878, Acton Middlesex Charles Hunter Campbell MURDOCH Born 15 Oct 1879 Chiswick, Middlesex; baptised 8 February 1880, on 15 Jan 2016

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2/Lt Louis Forde CAMPBELL-MURDOCH 2nd Scots Guards


Christ Church, Turnham Green, Chiswick (Father a merchant). Charles may also have served and received the M.C., see: and 20Churchmod.doc Captain Hugh Campbell MURDOCH, O.B.E, Croix de Guerre Born 1884 Barbary (British Subject). Died 24 November 1958 Kensington, London. In 1901 he was a mid-shipman aboard the ' Royal Oak ' in Malta, age 17, born Morocco. He was a survivor of the A8 Submarine Boat Disaster in Plymouth Sound on Thursday June 8th 1905, see: [ 20submarine%20disaster/index.html] Croix de Guerre: Gazetted 2 November 1917 [Lt. Commander] LG 31811 - 5 MARCH 1920 NAVAL GALLANTRY AWARDS (O.B.E.) To be Officers of the Military Division: Commander Hugh Campbell Murdoch, R.N. For valuable services in connection with the organisation and administration of the Mercantile Marine Branch of the Naval Transport Service, North Russia. Children:

Archibald George Charles Forde Campbell-Murdoch [born 2 March, 1911 in Casablanca - living, celebrated his 100th birthday in March 2011]. Winchester College . Married Sheila F. HAIGH, 1932. A daughter Bridget. Betty Campbell-Murdoch (1914-1982) Engaged Jan 1938 to Peter HENDERSON, son of Major & Mrs Henderson of Southbourne, Hampshire. Married 16 Sept 1939, Wigan. 3 known children Sarah, Jane and Catherine. Living in Parbold Lancashire in 1946. CWGC Register:

Son of Charles and Jenny Murdoch, of Casablanca, Morocco; husband of Anita Hope MaCaulay (formerly Campbell Murdoch), of Heathside, North End, Hampstead Heath, London.

CWGC Inscription:

Until the Day Dawn and the Dead in Christ Arise


Eldest of 4.

Living Sisters:



Burford, Oxfordshire

In Memoriams:

1917-21 (2), 1924-5 (2), 1926-31 (1), 1933

General Notes: Stuart Roberts, Salisbury UK is connected to and currently researching this family. Stuart says: "My great Uncle is Archibald George Charles Forde Campbell-Murdoch (b 1911 in Casablanca). He was here for dinner last evening (5 July 2009) and in really excellent fettle. He is the son of Louis Forde C-M (b. 1871, d. of wounds in 1916 on the Somme). I believe Archie had a sister Betty (b. c. 1915). Archie married my great-Aunt Sheila Freida Haigh." (Attached photos are from Stuart Roberts' Ancestry Records.) __________________ on 15 Jan 2016

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2/Lt Louis Forde CAMPBELL-MURDOCH 2nd Scots Guards


AGADIR (off CASABLANCA), November 12th, 1911. I am starting this letter on Sunday night, but I fear it may be some time before I am able to post it. I have had a delightful time at Casablanca, and though it may be a long way from Sierra Leone, I should be quite sorry to think that it was to be handed over to the diocese of Gibraltar. I landed with the Maddens yesterday morning. I went to lunch with the Murdochs ; he is a considerable merchant here. They were having a tennis-party for most of the English and some others; as they wanted me to play, I was driven round to find shoes and flannels large enough. I was rigged out by the Vice-Consul, Lomas , an old St. John's, Oxford, man. I had two games, and saw a lot of people. Then I was to go to dinner across the French lines with Edmond Fernau , an uncle of Mrs. M . He had provided an Arab steed for me; had I moral courage enough to say no? or physical courage enough to say yes? The latter prevailed, and as my clothes were sent on for me to change there, you may imagine the figure I cut, with tails and flannels, on a horse which knew it had an inexperienced rider. I arrived safely, and after a bath and a change had a delightful time with the Fernau children -- Margaret 8, Philip 6, and Roderick 3 . The two boys were convinced I was a real giant out of one of the fairy-books, partly because of my voice; while their sister confided to her mother afterwards, 'Mother, I love him!' She had strange ways of showing it. Certainly children thrive in this lovely air." [From: Bishop John Walmsley's account of his stay in Casablanca with some of his ex-pat flock. ] __________________ Louis' family was certainly in Saffi, Morocco in 1876 when they were visited by Arthur Leared who was travelling at the time and later wrote a book about his experiences. __________________ on 15 Jan 2016


campbell-murdoch - British Army Officers Great War

Research Name: Page 1 2/Lt Louis Forde CAMPBELL-MURDOCH 2nd Scots Guards Age Parents: Charles MURDOCH (born about 1827 in IRL - died 6 Nov 1900 i...

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