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A high level of specialized education set in an environment blessed by nature.

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Akifumi Ikeda Psychoanalysis, psychiatric medicine

Researching the clinical and theoretical study of psychoanalysis and psychiatric medicine. Main research themes include Freud, British object relations theory, mentalization theory, clinical research of personality disorders, and

Akifumi Ikeda Akiyoshi Ishibashi Hitoshi Okada Takao Kobayashi Yoshitaka Konno Hiroyuki Takao Masako Donuma Yasue Nunoshiba Hiroko Mori Kiyoshi Yaguchi Hirohito Yajima Satoru Yoshida

therapeutic theories of mental disorders such as schizophrenia and manic depressive illness. Akiyoshi Ishibashi

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Criminal psychology, Clinical approach to juvenile delinquency

Previously researched and practiced mainly clinical approaches to working with juvenile delinquents in addition to working in criminal psychology as a clinical police psychologist. Currently, conducts research on student counseling as well as clinical approaches to working with juvenile delinquents in cooperation with the government. Hitoshi Okada

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Psychology of perception / Cognitive psychology

Advancing research from the viewpoint of psychology of perception using factual methods such as experiments and investigation. Recent research projects include understanding actual mishearing and auditory hallucination-like experiences by healthy people and an examination of the relationship between these phenomena in healthy people

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and auditory imagery.

Institute of Clinical Counseling

Takao Kobayashi Counseling, theory of experiencing

Client centered therapy, experiential psychotherapy, theoretical and practical research regarding focusing. Primarily working on the development promotion approach to early adolescence, adolescence, and early adulthood. Yoshitaka Konno Psychology of children and adults with special needs, cognitive behavior therapy and clinical Dohsa method

Developing experience-based psychological therapies where the mind and body are in harmony. Current project themes are: (1) creation of affection between mothers and children in the fetal stage (2) support for understanding the minds of children with autism (3) nostalgia encounter therapy (4) creation of warm relationships (5) development of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Hiroyuki Takao Jungian psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatric medicine

Clinical practice research of Jungian psychology and psychiatric medicine. Research themes include dream analysis, sandplay therapy, psychological interpretation of stories and paintings, and practical issues of psychiatric care. Masako Donuma Clinical psychology, humanistic psychology, analytical psychology

Conducting research on themes such as the mind and body in psychiatric therapies in the clinical psychology field, assertion and feelings of self-esteem in the humanistic psychology field, and dream analysis and sandplay therapy in the analytical psychology field. Yasue Nunoshiba Family psychology, family therapy, integrative psychotherapy

Areas include: (1) Clinical and practical psychology research: family and pathology; research on family myths in a multigenerational context (generational chain); family, couple and parents and children communication research; supervision research; and trauma research (2) Development and measurement of effects of psychological education programs Guidance method to be specified. Qualitative study, case study, and study on practicalities of clinical psychology are the main methods to be used. Hiroko Mori Counseling psychology, clinical psychology, feminine psychology, youth and adolescent psychology

Areas include: (1) Comprehensive practice and research in the counseling and psychological therapy approach (2) Case study and therapy research on personality disorders, multiple personality disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders (3) Research in areas including female identity, feminist identity, and DV. Kiyoshi Yaguchi Developmental neuropsychology, developmental clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience

Working on the analysis of social impairment and difficulties in the interpersonal relationships of people with autism from the viewpoints of information processing and cognitive processes. Discussing approaches to school and family support for school maladaptation and to psychological community support regarding the development of children. Hirohito Yajima School psychology

Specializing in the examination of the indirect support method in schools, embodiment of developmental counseling and research on the school counselor system. Satoru Yoshida Cognitive behavior therapy, sentiment education, coaching psychology

Practice of speech-related cognitive therapies such as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Particularly interested in the effective practice of REBT which is a representative psychology theory and technique used in sentiment education and coaching psychology.

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