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Parker Adams Living-Learning Community Arts and Sciences 101 Fall 2009 Instructors: Dr. Ann Webb, 200 Clark Hall, 348.8506, [email protected], 200 Clark Hall; Dr. Larry Bowen, [email protected], who resides in P-A; Mr. Dustin Rollins, [email protected]; and the Parker-Adams Fellows. What is AS 101? All students who are members of the Parker-Adams Freshman Living-Learning Community enroll in AS 101 in the fall semester and AS 102 in the spring semester. Each course carries one hour of degree credit and is graded pass/fail. The courses have essentially the same purposes as does the program: to promote the development of a strong community among the students, faculty, and staff associated with Parker-Adams; to assist each student’s academic success during the very important first semester and first year; and to promote the involvement of each student in the P-A community and the UA community. The first semester AS 101 and the first semester freshman composition courses focus attention on the student as an individual and ask each student to explore and assess his or her interests, strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and aspirations. Developing a robust sense of oneself and a strong sense of personal responsibility is important to success here. But, the courses and the program also emphasize the importance of building relationships with others and becoming part of the university and Tuscaloosa communities. Both are important to your success here. Course Expectations: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h.

Class attendance (one unexcused absence allowed) Four hours of study in 309 Gorgas Library per week (Mon-Thurs, 1:00-9:00pm) Attendance at three cultural events during the semester (includes plays, speakers, and various cultural events on campus) Meeting with your faculty mentor at least once during the semester Attending at least one community dinner during the semester Journal Entries: writing a one-page journal entry based on each day’s class activity and turning it in at the next class meeting Final Paper: 2-3 page autobiographical essay based on journal entries, reflecting on the personal and academic development over the fall semester and the plans that you have for the spring semester Adherence to the standards of the living-learning community as outlined in the contract

Class Meetings August 24/25 Intros: Class Expectations; Study Hall, E-Learning, Mentors, Community Dinners, Cultural Events August 31/Sept.1

Making Good Use of Campus Resources…Fellows will discuss the special things in which they have been involved. Assigned Journal Entry: What are your plans for getting involved in organizations or community service projects? What attracted your interest at Get on Board Day?

September 7/8

NO CLASS (Catch-Up: By Sept. 10, you should have a total of 8 recorded study hours, or 480 minutes, completed.

September 14/15

Scheduling and Conducting Faculty Mentor Interviews Assigned Journal Entry: Interview your Mentor and write a journal entry describing the interview in accordance with the common outline

September 21/22

Academic Integrity Assigned Journal Entry: Why is academic integrity an important issue and how do you respond to the student presentations?

September 28/29

Healthy Bama (done in TenHoor Computer Lab) Assigned Journal Entry: What are your eating, exercise, and sleeping patterns and how do you think they impact your academic performance? Attend Student Health Fair on Sept 30.

October 5/6

Assessing Academic Competencies: What are your strong skills and those that need to be improved? (ten Hoor Computer Lab for learning styles inventory and LASSI) Assigned Journal Entry: Attend the A&S Majors Fair on October 1. Write a journal entry describing at least one discussion that you had at the Fair with representatives of a major. With whom did you speak, what did you learn about that major, and what follow up activities do you plan to do in order to obtain more information?

October 12/13

Responding to Mid-Semester Grades and Learning Inventories Assigned Journal Entry: Based on both your mid-semester grades and what you know about your academic skills and learning style, assess your current academic standing. What is your academic plan for the remainder of the fall semester?

October 19/20

Using MyBama and Degree Works (tenHoor Lab) Assigned Journal Entry: In preparation for seeing your academic advisor, outline those courses that you believe you would like to take in the spring semester and describe the reason that you have for taking each course. Email this to Dr. Webb by October 23 at [email protected]

October 26/27

Halloween Community Service Project Assigned Journal Entry: What in your mind is the value of community service to your education at UA?

Nov. 2/3

Spring Registration

Nov. 9/10

Reviewing the Semester and Looking Forward to Selecting a Community Service Project for the Spring Semester (location: ten Hoor Computer Lab)inal Paper is due no later than November 24.

P-A Calendar August 19

Classes Begin

August 24/25

First AS 101 class meetings

August 26

Big Extravaganza for Learning and Living-Learning Communities 6-7:30 PM in Biology Building. (Rick Bragg at 6:45)

August. 26

Last Day to Add a Course and last Day to drop a course without a W

August 26

Get on Board Day-Ferguson Plaza

August 29

Freshman Volunteer Day (need more info)

August 31

Study Hall Begins at 1 PM in Gorgas 309

Sept. 7

Labor Day Holiday

Sept. 17

National Constitution Day (more info to come)

Sept. 18-19

Family Weekend

Sept. 21-25

Academic Integrity Week

Sept. 22-23

“Tales of the Last Formicans”

Sept. 24

Academic Integrity Week Speaker at 6:30 PM

Sept. 29-30

“Time of Your Life”

Sept. 30

Student Health Fair on Ferguson Plaza

October 1

A&S Majors Fair in Ferguson Ballroom 11-1 PM

October 2

20 study hall hours completed

October 7-9

Mid-semester Grade Reporting

October 8-9

Fall Break

Oct. 12-17

Homecoming Week

Oct. 13-14

Dance Alabama, Tues and Wed. at 7:30 in Morgan Auditorium

Oct. 16-28

Michael Oldstone visits

Oct. 19-20 Oct. 26 Oct. 27-28

Tim Elmore visit on student leadership Registration for Spring Semester begins “Hair” in Allen Bales Theatre 7:30 PM

October 28

Last Day to Withdraw from a Class without special permission

October 30

30 Study Hall Hours Completed

October 31


Nov. 1

Daylight Savings Time ends

Nov. 5

William Christenberry lecture “Land and Memory” in 205 Gorgas, 5-6 PM

Nov. 9 or Nov. 10

Last AS 101 Class for Fall semester

Nov. 10-11

“Picasso at Lapin Agile” 7:30 Galloway Theatre

Nov. 17-18

ARDT performance, 7:30 Morgan Auditorium

Nov. 24 44

Study Hours completed AND Last Study Hall

Nov. 18

Stephen Pinker at Bama Theatre, 7 PM

Nov. 24

Last day for tests

Nov. 25-27

Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov. 30-Dec. 4

Dead Week

Dec. 7-11

Final Exams

December 12

PA closes for holiday

Aug 31-Sep 3: 4 hrs Sept. 7-10: 4 hrs Sept. 14-17: 4 hrs Sept. 21-24: 4 hrs

Study Hall Week of: Sep. 28-Oct.1: 4 hrs Oct. 5-8: 0 hrs Oct. 12-15: 4 hrs Oct. 19-22: 4 hrs Oct. 26-29: 2 hrs

Nov. 2-5: 4 hrs Nov. 9-12: 4 hrs Nov. 16-19: 4 hrs Nov. 23-24: 2 hrs


Arts and Sciences 101 - Center for Academic Success

Parker Adams Living-Learning Community Arts and Sciences 101 Fall 2009 Instructors: Dr. Ann Webb, 200 Clark Hall, 348.8506, [email protected], 200 Clark...

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