Appraising the Role of Instructional Materials in the Teaching of


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Appraising the Role of Instructional Materials in the Teaching of Business Studies ABSTRACT

This research focused on appraising the role of instructional materials in the teaching of business I have chosen the topic in order to examine, to a great extent, the usefulness and importance of using instructional materials in the teaching of business studies in secondary schools. Descriptive design was used for the study. Questionnaire was used to collect data. Data collected was analyzed using frequency counts and percentage. Result revealed that the provision of instructional materials for the teaching of business studies is very important for effective teaching and learning of the subject. Results also revealed that there are availability of instructional materials in secondary schools and these materials are used by the teachers to enhance effective learning of business studies. Conclusion was drawn and recommendations were made among which are the relevant and adequate instructional materials should be provided for business studies teachers for enhancing learning. CHAPTER ONE Background of the Study Business studies means to learn about economics and financial subjects. It also teaches you how to manage and run a business. Ugwochuku (2009) says, is a concept that can be defined in so many ways by several people to suit different situations and purposes. Some defined it from the way it is taught in schools. Business studies refer to those business subjects taught at the secondary school level such as book-keeping, financial accounting, shorthand, commerce, and typewriting. Nanassely (2001) argues that business studies is that aspect of total education programme that provides knowledge, skills attitudes and understanding needed to perform in the business world, as producer or consumer of goods and service that business offers. It is note worthy that business studies involves teaching in various level of education which include secondary schools and higher education, approximately 38% of student enroll in one or more business courses during their secondary school programme. Business studies include virtually all the knowledge which hold prospect of gainful exploration in the context of business enterprises such knowledge could purely be administered or even extent to the realm of the humanities, it can then be concluded that business studies in secondary school prepares the student to entrepreneur. It has been discovered that teachers sees the use of instructional materials in teaching either visual, audio or both as a waste of time, in addition some teacher would first display the instructional materials as a way of introducing the topic. The effect of these methods is that students tend to get confused with the use of the instructional materials if not well introduce into business studies lessons at the right time when it will actually make the lesson more meaningful to the student. Indeed, students will not be able to recollect the instructional materials when the lesson is actually in progress especially when the instructional materials are many and display in stages already explained through the use of instruction materials. However, the absence of instructional materials makes teaching not only time consuming energy sapping but also a difficult task. Therefore the instructional materials have come to assume not only an enviable position but has increasing been recognized as an integral and essential part of teaching. Instructional materials therefore refer to the materials or media resources that help to make teaching more meaningful and understandable. There is no gain saying the fact that good teacher will perform better in a situation where he has various materials to make his task easier. In addition, Kolade Oje and Babalola (2002) opined that these teaching aids help to develop communication ability by reducing ambiguity. More so, they observed that about 94% of what is seen is remember when the senses are been involved. Adeoluwa (2008) opined that the application of instrument materials are supplementary strategies in teaching business studies in Junior Secondary school was more effective because the use of instructional materials increase the interest and enhance motivation levels. It could be seeing that learning is based upon the kind of super ordinate, representational, and combinatorial process that occur during the reception of the information. The learning process involve in consumption in which the existing cognitive structure on a substantive, non-verbatism basis ……………….. Infact, they found their way into teaching of business studies in particular this instructional material though they are not end in themselves rather than constitute very strong means of achieving difficult end. Statement of the Problem Teaching and learning process do take place in all school and colleges but it seems little have been accomplished on the area of knowledge of acquisition among the learners. Thus the research wants to find out the extent of involvement of instructional materials and its contribution towards enhance learning. Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study is specifically the study will 1. Identify the roles which instructional materials play in bringing about effective teaching and learning in business studies. 2. Highlight the extent of the availability of adequate materials in schools. Find out whether the availability of instructional materials are adequately use by the teachers. Research Questions This study will answer the following 1. To what extent is the provision of teaching materials important to effectiveness teaching of business studies? 2. What is the state of availability of instructional materials? Are the states of availability of instructional materials effectively used by the teachers to enhance learning? Significance of the Study This study will benefit various aspect of the society in the following ways: 1. It will enable the teacher to realize the importance of instructional materials in teaching business studies and will also alleviate some of their anticipated problem in learning the subject. 2. It will encourage the teacher to improve in heir application of knowledge going into more practice in the business studies instructional materials availability for teaching. It will enable the student to gain more skill and understanding about the lesson being taught. 1. It will also gear up the curriculum developers and investor to improve on the business studies curriculum. 2. It will prompt the federal government of Nigeria to motivate the business studies teachers by giving them special seminar and workshop. 3. It will provide insight to the contribution of instructional materials to the attainment of the national policy on educational objectives. Delimitation of the Study The research is limited to the identification of various categories of instructional materials relevant to the appraising teaching and learning of business studies in secondary schools. It will also be limit to the effective utilization of instructional materials in business studies. for complete project call, 08068886774


Appraising the Role of Instructional Materials in the Teaching of

execk Posted on April 17, 2015October 17, 2017 Appraising the Role of Instructional Materials in the Teaching of Business Studies ABSTRACT This rese...

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