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ANSWERS FOR THE FAMILY ALLEN CARDOZA BIO: Allen Cardoza is a licensed private investigator with 30 years experience working with families dealing with "at risk" youth. Having escorted thousands of teens to specialized schools and programs, returned hundreds of runaways and retrieved many abducted children, Allen has a unique outlook on what our kids are going through and what can be done to help them thrive! And if that doesn't to survive it as parents. This show brings you answers and options to raising children today and in our constantly changing future. Answers for the Family will address issues such as international parental abduction, locating your runaway teen, family crisis intervention, self defense, building self esteem, addictions, new innovations in the field and specialized programs that can really help. Listen to Allen and his many Answers for the family experts Mondays at 11:00AM (PST) discuss ways to help you navigate through the many challenges of family life. To contact Allen and/or get more information:


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Click to Watch Live Call-In telephone number 1-818-570-5085

Monday 11:00AM - 11:59AM (PST) Show Description: Answers 4 the family will address issues such as international parental abduction, locating your runaway teen, family crisis intervention, self defense, building self esteem, addictions, new innovations in the field and specialized programs that can really help.

WHAT'S ON CHANNEL 1 May 24, 2018

Listen to Allen Live Mondays at 11:00 AM (PST)



May 2018


They’ll Never Be the Same: A Parent’s Guide to Play 11:00AM The 30 Minute Cocktail Hour Replay (/content/30-minutePTSD in Youth Download cocktail-hour-replay) Show Guest: Dr. Michael Scheeringa ( Gordon (/content/randyThey’ll Never Be the Same: A Parent’s Guide to 052118.mp3) gordon) PTSD in Youth is a compassionate and accessible guide for parents whose children have experienced traumatic or life-threatening events written by Dr. 12:00PM Get Yourself the Job - Replay Michael Scheeringa, who is one of the foremost (/content/get-yourself-job-replayauthorities on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 0) in children and adolescents. Jennifer Hill (/content/jenniferhill)

Dr. Scheeringa understands the desperation many parents feel and explains the impact of trauma, simplifies the science into layman’s terms, debunks the myths, and provides direction on navigating the confusing maze of the mental health world to find appropriate care.He shares with our audience that nearly two out of every ten youths and three out of every ten adults develop PTSD following lifethreatening or traumatic events. They’ll Never Be the Same seeks to demystify issues associated with this diagnosis


Strange Beauty: A Portrait of My Son Show Guest: Eliza Factor Strange Beauty: A Portrait of My Son is Eliza Factor’s memoir of her experience as a mother to non-verbal son Felix, who was born with multiple disabilities, including cerebral palsy and autism. Factor describes for readers her pregnancy and the first few blissful months with Felix before the awareness that something was not as it should be. Then comes the slow realization, after many months of grueling and disheartening testing, that their son’s life, and their own, will not be at all like she had imagined.


ARTHRITIS RELIEF: The Future is NOW Show Guest: Dr. John DeWitt Baby Boomers are growing at a rate of 10,000 per day and are expected to maintain that pace for the next 19 years! Among them are those weekend warriors, the “Thanksgiving Day” football all-stars that are now suffering from their earlier athletic escapades. Dr. DeWitt supports the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund and the After the Impact Fund which supports former NFL players as well as military veterans. His mission is to create a clinic where all the services needed for these warriors of both the football field AND battlefield can be helped. Therapies will include addiction treatment, vocational training, biofeedback for CTE and PTSD, as well as cutting-edge Regenerative Therapies including Stem Cells and other Growth Factors that can eliminate arthritis pain. Dr. DeWitt believes that, if his best friend had had such therapies, maybe he would not have chosen to leave us so soon. He sees his friend in each and every patient that comes through his door.

April 2018


All Things Therapy (/content/allthings-therapy) Lisa Tahir, LCSW (/content/lisatahir-lcsw)


The Power of Love Show Replay (/content/power-loveradio-show-replay-0) Taj, Taryll, TJ Jackson (/content/taj-taryll-tj-jackson)

Max & Friends - Replay Download (/content/max-friends-replay) ( Tucci (/content/max-tucci), 051418.mp3) Sky Sheridan (/content/skysheridan), Tamara Bowman (/content/tamara-bowman)

This intimate, no-holds-barred memoir is full of both infectious laughter and intense physical conflict. It is the story of two little girls growing up in the shadow of their charming and fitful brother. And it is the story of a mother and writer imagining the world through the eyes of her son. Ultimately, it is Felix and his sisters that inspire Eliza to found Extreme Kids, a nonprofit community center that connects with children with disabilities through the arts and play. Eliza shares how she and so many other mothers like her face adversity with grit and determination. Strange Beauty will forever change how we view those with physical challenges – and the families that love them.


Sam in the Morning with Danni (/content/sam-morning-danni) Sam Hasson (/content/samhasson), Danielle Victor (/content/danielle-victor)



The Dr Nina Show - Replay (/content/dr-nina-show-replay-0) Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin (/content/dr-nina-savelle-rocklin)


Dr. Pat's On the Air Empowered Communication (/content/airempowered-communication) Dr. Pat Allen (/content/dr-patallen)


KWTF Radio (/content/kwtfradio) Jim Christina (/content/jimchristina)


Rock 'N' Sexxxy Uncensored (/content/rock-n-sexxxyuncensored) Amber Lynn (/content/amberlynn)

Play M.F.K. Radio - Replay Download 8:00PM (/content/mfk-radio-replay) ( Jay Free (/content/jay-free)

WHAT'S ON CHANNEL 2 May 24, 2018 9:00AM

Wake Up Hollywood - Replay (/content/wake-hollywood-replay2) Eddie Pence (/content/eddiepence), Nikhil Korula (/content/nikhil-korula)


Sports and Life - Replay (/content/sports-and-life-replay1) Cameron Datzker (/content/cameron-datzker)


The TasteMakers (/content/tastemakers) Mark & Matt Harris (/content/mark-matt-harris)


Dave's Good Vibration Station Replay (/content/daves-goodvibration-station-replay-1) Dave Cohen (/content/davecohen)


State of the Arts (/content/statearts) Michael Sterling (/content/michael-sterling), Andrew David James (/content/andrew-david-james)


Kathy Kaehler Live! - Replay (/content/kathy-kaehler-livereplay) Kathy Kaehler (/content/kathykaehler-0)


What Women Want - Replay (/content/what-women-wantreplay-0) Judy Goss (/content/judy-goss)


Inner Voice with Dr Foojan Replay (/content/inner-voice-drfoojan-replay) Foojan Zeine (/content/foojanzeine)


The Sheena Metal Experience (/content/sheena-metalexperience) Sheena Metal (/content/sheenametal)


The Writer's Block (/content/writers-block) Jim Christina (/content/jimchristina), Bobbi Bell (/content/bobbi-bell), Bob Brill (/content/bob-brill)


Melissa Hill: Raw Talk - Replay (/content/melissa-hill-raw-talkreplay-1) Melissa Hill (/content/melissa-hill)

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