annual report 2013 - The Colorado Chautauqua Association


annual report 2013

Letter from the Board President dear friends, As president of the board of directors, I am proud to serve during an exciting time for the Colorado Chautauqua. My colleagues on the board and I are honored to help advance the mission of the Colorado Chautauqua Association (CCA) through the implementation of strategies to ensure a sustainable future for the Colorado Chautauqua—physically, programmatically, environmentally and financially—consistent with the CCA mission to preserve, perpetuate and improve the site and spirit of the historic Chautauqua. I am pleased to report that CCA completed many projects in 2013 and ended the year in strong financial position. We completed significant capital projects. These included the installation of ceiling fans in the Auditorium, creation of a bus pullout at the park’s entrance, and the preservation and refurbishment of the iconic Chautauqua Dining Hall in collaboration with its new operator, Three Leaf Concepts. Additionally, we expanded our year-round programming. None of these accomplishments would be possible without the generous support of the community and ongoing collaboration with our partners at the City of Boulder. Enhanced safety, accessibility and an enriched guest experience were primary goals. Together with the City of Boulder and its staff, we made great strides. We made improvements that benefit all of our guests: from the school children arriving on buses for their first visit, to improved amenities for concert goers, to our wedding celebrants, our overnight guests and to even those who walk their dogs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the Colorado Chautauqua. Please join me in supporting the Colorado Chautauqua Association in its stewardship to ensure Chautauqua’s vibrant and sustainable future.

Bill Patterson President, Board of Directors Colorado Chautauqua Association

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mission statement The mission of the Colorado Chautauqua Association is to preserve, perpetuate and improve the site and spirit of the historic Chautauqua by enhancing its community and values through cultural, educational, social and recreational experiences.

statement of values The Chautauqua experience is based on lifelong learning, love of nature, voluntary simplicity and music, oration and the arts. Historic significance, traditions, cultural relevance, respite and enrichment are among the community benefits provided by the Colorado Chautauqua.

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Letter from the Executive Director dear friends, Greetings from Chautauqua and thank you for another memorable year! As steward of this beautiful national historic landmark, the Colorado Chautauqua Association (CCA) has had another memorable and productive year—providing the community with many opportunities for respite—“to escape, engage and elevate.” Chautauqua was incredibly fortunate to escape the devastating floods of September with relatively minor damage when so many suffered extensive destruction and loss. Thankfully, all guests, residents and staff remained safe as well. Many of Chautauqua’s surrounding trails were severely damaged. The City’s Open Space and Mountain Parks Department has been diligent in its efforts to restore the community’s beloved trails. CCA opened its cottages to displaced families and its venues to guests who suddenly found themselves with nowhere to hold their long-planned events. Before the Auditorium closed for the season, CCA collaborated with local and national musicians to quickly host a benefit concert that generated over $10,000 for flood relief. Thank you to YOU, our greater Chautauqua community, of members and donors, lodging and dining guests, concert goers, frequent and infrequent visitors, for your ongoing support and for helping to create another tremendous year for the Colorado Chautauqua.

©Jonathan B. Auerbach

Thank you to our collaborators at the Chautauqua Dining Hall and Colorado Music Festival, our corporate sponsors and our generous donors. There are many people to thank at the City of Boulder (CCA’s landlord—but more importantly, our partner)­­—Mayor Matt Appelbaum and the City Council, City Manager Jane Brautigam and her staff, the Landmarks Board and staff, the Parks and Recreation Department, the Open Space and Mountain Parks Department, Public Works/Transportation, Community Planning and Sustainability and the City Attorney’s Office. I add my personal thanks to the CCA Board of Directors for its dedication and support and to our tireless and devoted staff who make it all happen every day of every year. In my eleventh year as Executive Director, I am honored to be associated with something so special; to be entrusted with stewardship of the site and the spirit, and to get to be part of ensuring Chautauqua’s sustainable future! ©Werner R. Slocum

I invite you to join us in celebrating our wonderful community jewel and supporting its vibrant future. Sincerely,

Susan Connelly Executive Director Colorado Chautauqua Association [email protected]

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Accomplishments: Preservation and maintenance of the 67 historic buildings and 26 acres of grounds for active year-round use is a fundamental part of the association’s daily stewardship activities. CCA invests approximately one million dollars annually in capital improvements and routine maintenance within its leasehold portion of the Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark.

CHAUTAUQUA DINING HALL In addition to routine ongoing repairs and maintenance of cottages, lodges and grounds, there are many projects to be accomplished each and every year. The major capital project for 2013 was the completion of the restoration and rehabilitation of the iconic Chautauqua Dining Hall and its reopening under new operators. The Colorado Chautauqua Association collaborated with the new Dining Hall operator, Three Leaf Concepts, to carefully preserve and renew the building. Guided by a commitment to sustainability in addition to preservation, new building science techniques were utilized to enhance the building’s health, functionality, energy efficiencies and comfort.


ssExterior Improvements With the exception of the roof and a fresh coat of paint, no visible changes were made to the exterior of the building. The badly deteriorated wood shingle roof was replaced with a dimensional composite roofing material approved by the City of Boulder Landmarks Board and History Colorado’s State Historical Fund. Remedial structural framing work was necessary to support the weight of the new roofing materials. Deteriorated exterior trim, siding, and gutters were replaced. ssEnergy Efficiency Upgrades Interior rehabilitation work incorporated several energy efficiency upgrades. These included: strategic air sealing and installation of high performance insulation in both the crawlspace/ basement level of the Dining hall and the attic; installation of high efficiency, state-of-the-art heating and cooling (HVAC) equipment with an engineered delivery system (duct work). The building was also equipped with tankless water heaters and fitted with an energy efficient lighting package, water conserving plumbing fixtures and diagnostic energy saving tools. High performance cellulose insulation was blown into the walls of the Dining Hall. The attic and crawlspace were strategically air sealed and insulated, thus increasing occupant comfort year-round and reducing operating costs. The restaurant bathrooms were completely updated with new tile, upgraded plumbing, low flush toilets and EPA WaterSense faucets. These energy enhancing upgrades directly align with CCA’s mission to operate the most sustainable National Historic Landmark in the country and to demonstrate how the character and longevity of historic buildings can be improved while environmental impacts are reduced.

ssInterior Highlights Highlights of the renovated interior include beautifully refinished floors that had been hidden under carpet for years, two stone fireplaces, and a redesigned, cozy bar and lounge area for casual food and beverages. The “back-of-house” floor plan was also updated to serve guests more efficiently and expeditiously on busy nights.

Colorado Chautauqua Association is grateful for technical support and financial contributions to the Dining Hall project from History Colorado’s State Historical Fund, the City of Boulder and the National Park Service.

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Accomplishments: CHAUTAUQUA GENERAL STORE Located just west of the Dining Hall, Cottage 100 has served Chautauqua in many different capacities since its construction in 1899. Beginning in May 2014, the building is home to the Chautauqua General Store. Whether it’s post-hike or pre-concert, stop by and enjoy a treat from the General Store. Choose from espresso drinks, teas, chai and cold drinks, baked goods or homemade ice cream and sundaes. For the forgetful hiker, the store has grab-and-go snacks and supplies like sunscreen, water bottles and hats.


To commemorate any visit, visitors may select from gifts, old fashioned candies and Chautauqua merchandise. The General Store is open daily from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM and on concert nights through event intermission.

The Chautauqua Dining Hall and General Store are operated by Three Leaf Concepts. Owned by Lenny and Sara Martinelli, Three Leaf Concepts (TLC) also operates the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse and owns and operates other award-winning restaurants including Leaf, Aji, Naropa Café, The Huckleberry and Zucca as well as Three Leaf Farm in Lafayette and Three Leaf Catering.

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Accomplishments: Continued physical enhancements to the visitor experience of the Colorado Chautauqua are an ongoing priority for Colorado Chautauqua Association (CCA).

AUDITORIUM For over a century, the Auditorium has held a special place in the hearts of performers and audiences. Each year, routine upkeep and scheduled capital improvement projects ensure that the beloved building remains in top condition and ready to welcome all who visit. ssClimate Management ©Jonathan B. Auerbach

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Heated and cooled by Mother Nature, the Auditorium is equipped with sliding walls and hi-lo venting to naturally regulate the temperature and air flow throughout the venue. With increasingly warmer summer temperatures, the design of the historic building and its direct connection to the outside and lack of insulation or any thermal barrier, cooling the venue can be challenging in extreme heat. As part of the association’s ongoing strategy to enhance patron comfort in hot weather while ensuring minimum impact on the original character of the Auditorium, CCA installed two large evaporative coolers in the rear of the Auditorium in 2012 to help lower the temperature of the building during hot weather. The evaporative coolers are effective when running and lower the interior temperature to a comfortable degree, but the noise level associated with the large fans unfortunately precludes them from operating during many performances. Once the coolers are turned off, their residual positive effects dissipate rather quickly.


To supplement the evaporative coolers, CCA installed two large-scale ceiling fans in the Auditorium for the 2013 season. Used in performance spaces and concert halls around the world, the Big Ass Fans™ are ultra high-tech fans designed to move large amounts of air silently. This consistent air movement helps to create and maintain consistent, cooler temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to door. ssRestoration Prior to the start of the 2014 summer season, the Auditorium underwent a spring spruce up. Projects included carpentry repair and fresh paint on the exterior, restoration of the north concrete staircase, restoration of one of the historic stone pillars—an element of the original “promenade,” and rehabilitation of wood components in 436 audience seats.

COTTAGES & LODGES Other major capital improvements for 2013 included upgrades to numerous cottages. Some of the many projects completed included roof replacements, reconstruction of several entry stairs and landings, interior and exterior repainting and replacement of several standard water heaters with more efficient tankless water heaters. Columbine Lodge also received much needed improvements, including the replacement of several kitchens, replacement of all the carpet in the common areas and in several individual units, installation of new ceiling fans and energy efficient lighting, and repainting of the exterior trim, woodwork and porches.

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Accomplishments: ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY The Chautauqua values of lifelong learning, love of nature and voluntary simplicity go hand-inhand with environmental sustainability. In 2008, the Colorado Chautauqua Association committed to making the Colorado Chautauqua the country’s “greenest” National Historic Landmark. Since then, CCA has made sweeping changes to the way it operates and continues to explore strategies to conserve water and energy, divert waste from landfills and utilize earthfriendly products, while preserving the guest experience and the Colorado Chautauqua’s historic character. ssThe Guest Experience Overnight guests may notice differences from the typical vacation destination. For example, Chautauqua cottages are equipped with composting and recycling containers, watersaving shower heads, faucets and toilets, ecofriendly soaps and hair products and alternative cooling systems. Bath towels and other linens are exchanged upon request, rather than changed daily. The gift shops found in the Lodging office and the General Store offer earth-friendly products featuring organically grown fibers, nontoxic BPA-free materials and environmentally sound production processes. ssEnergy


All cottages are strategically air sealed and insulated to reduce energy use and increase year-round comfort. A number of strategies have been employed for summer comfort in cottages and community buildings, including solar reflective window screens, whole-house fans, ceiling fans, and high-efficiency alternative cooling systems like the Coolerado in the Academic Hall and Community House. Significant energy efficiency upgrades also have been made to the historic Dining Hall.


©Stephen Collector

The Colorado Chautauqua is recognized as a national leader in the application of energy efficiency and green construction techniques to historic building renovation. As part of its Learning Laboratory, CCA compiles case studies and valuable data, and shares its learnings with home owners, the historic preservation community and the green building industry.

ssHOP 2 Chautauqua CCA encourages all visitors to reduce their environmental footprint and celebrates their efforts. In 2013, nearly 6,000 concert patrons chose to ride the free HOP 2 Chautauqua to the Chautauqua and Colorado Music Festival. Available on Auditorium concert nights, the free transit service runs every 15-20 minutes from approximately two hours prior to show time to 45 minutes after the end of each show. HOP 2 Chautauqua is operated by VIA Mobility Services and funded by GO Boulder/City of Boulder, CCA and Colorado Music Festival. For more information, visit

ssWater Water is precious in Boulder’s high-desert climate and CCA is conscious of every drop used. In addition to water saving fixtures in buildings, weather monitors have been incorporated into irrigation systems throughout the grounds. These monitors evaluate factors such as temperature, relative humidity, wind and precipitation, so water is used only as much, and as often, as necessary. This practice has resulted in a reduction of outdoor water use by as much as 40 percent annually since initial implementation in 2010.

With a goal to reduce its waste stream to a mere trickle, CCA makes every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. All yard and tree trimmings are collected and converted to mulch to be used in our gardens and flower beds. When renovating historic buildings, reclaimed building materials are used to the extent possible, diverting 65 percent of construction waste from landfills through recycling and re-use. Approximately 75 percent of overnight guests participate in a voluntary compost program and the Dining Hall operator converts much of its food waste into feed for its farm animals.

©Stephen Collector

Energy conservation is one of CCA’s highest priorities. As a general rule, whenever an appliance, furnace or water heater needs to be replaced, the most energy-efficient option that meets the need is selected. This includes on-demand water heaters as well as other Energy Star rated products. Light bulbs with low-energy compact florescent lights (CFL) have been systematically replaced wherever safe and effective and CCA is experimenting with high efficiency LED lights.

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Accomplishments: SAFETY Continually improving guest accessibility and safety at the Colorado Chautauqua is an ongoing priority for CCA.

Throughout 2013, staff from the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department, the Open Space and Mountain Parks Department (OSMP) and the Landmarks Board collaborated with CCA staff on ways to mitigate bus and vehicle congestion and improve pedestrian safety at Chautauqua’s busy entrance. Completed in fall of 2013, the Ranger Cottage parking lot was reconfigured for one-way traffic and one-way angled parking for more efficient traffic flow and a new bus/vehicle pullout was created on Kinnikinic. The new pullout area accommodates up to two buses at a time out of the primary traffic flow on Kinnikinic and establishes a safe area for children and other groups to be dropped off and picked up at the park.

ACCESSIBILITY In keeping with the goals and standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) while working within the context of the physical layout and historic nature of the campus, CCA continually makes modifications to increase accessibility for all guests.

©Annie Krause

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wear hearing aids to directly receive the sound from a venue’s PA system in their own hearing aids, much like Wi-Fi for laptops. CCA will be soliciting patron feedback of this system as a beta test for a potential future project in the Auditorium. 33 ADA Accessible Restrooms — Coming Spring 2015!

ssBus /Vehicle Pullout

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Over the course of 2013, a working group of City and CCA staff collaborated to identify location and design options for new ADA compliant restrooms to serve Chautauqua Auditorium patrons. The group conducted a needs assessment and identified and analyzed six possible locations. Community feedback was solicited through a community open house and an online survey sent to past Auditorium patrons. The working group presented the findings and locations to several City advisory boards and ultimately recommended a location, approach and timeline to City Council in an information memo in February 2014. With the application approved by the Landmarks board in May 2014, construction for the new ADA accessible restrooms is anticipated to begin in late September 2014. The long-awaited restrooms will be located on the west side of the Auditorium and will open in spring of 2015, in conjunction with the start of the 2015 Auditorium season.

33 Induction Loop Hearing System — To improve program experiences for hearing impaired patrons, an induction loop hearing system was installed in the Community House in February of 2014. Induction loop systems transmit magnetic energy directly to hearing aids fitted with telecoils, allowing people who

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Accomplishments: Since July 4,1898, people have traveled long distances to have a chautauqua experience in Boulder.

CULTURAL RESIDENCY Initially a tent city, seasonal cottages and lodges were built and rebuilt at Chautauqua over time. The result was a unique neighborhood that, for its first century, was primarily for summer use only. Today, 60 cottages and the Missions House and Columbine Lodges are available for nightly rental year-round. All of the cottages and lodges at Chautauqua have been lovingly upgraded to be as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. Five cottages are EPA Energy Star-rated, indicating achievement of the highest standards in energy efficiency. Not only is staying in a cottage or lodge a fundamental element of the Chautauqua experience, but lodging revenue is the economic engine for CCA. The revenues fund preservation and maintenance activities and subsidize public programming. In 2013, revenue from cultural residency contributed 56 percent of CCA’s total revenue. Each year, Chautauqua welcomes overnight guests from around the globe, nationally, regionally, and often locally to participate in the chautauqua experience. Please join us!

arts & culture

PROGRAMMING From classical to popular music, silent films to modern dance, authors to actors, and science to theater, 2013 was packed with many memorable Chautauqua experiences. ssAuditorium Programs The sellout summer concert series was headlined by both established crowd favorites and younger acts as well. The concert series featured Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Old Crow Medicine Show, Umphrey’s McGee and many more. Silent films with live musical accompaniment lit up the silver screen. Audiences were awestruck by the jaw-dropping adventure in the premiere of the REEL ROCK 8 Film Tour and inspired by the incredible athleticism of dancers from Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble and the AscenDance Project.

©John Vallejo

The Colorado Music Festival has been an integral part of Chautauqua’s summer programming for more than three decades. Over the six week session patrons of all ages once again enjoyed inspiring classical and world music. Audiences were treated to a stunning musical presentation by pianist Olga Kern and said goodbye to long time Musical Director Michael Christie. Spoken word also filled the historic Auditorium in 2013. The wit and wisdom of Ira Glass and comedian Paula Poundstone kept audiences laughing. Authors Stephen King and Stephen White enthralled avid readers and fans as their long-awaited sequels were premiered. Outside the Auditorium, theater was abundant at Chautauqua. Hikers hit the trails to enjoy TheatreHikes’ “Snow White” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” while aficionados participated in the three-day New Play Festival and readings at the Community House.

©Werner R. Slocum

©Jonathan B. Auerbach

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Accomplishments: ssCommunity House Programs Expanded year-round programming in the Chautauqua Community House explored the origins of space, humanity and music in 2013. Three new speaker series were introduced over the past year. Mammoths, giant sloths and ancient civilizations were revealed as the PreHistory Series stepped back in time to discover some of the most fascinating archeological finds in Colorado and Boulder County. During the Space Series, audiences were taken on a monthly voyage of discovery through the solar system and outer limits of space and time. In the Creative Life Series, six scholars guided listeners to greater understanding of six revolutionary creative thinkers of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Paying homage to the original Chautauqua Literary & Scientific Circle, the monthly Author Series presented thought provoking writers sharing their works of fiction and non fiction. The topics included life and musings in the American West, the future after the apocalypse, living in the shadow of a nuclear weapons facility and the origins of hip hop music. Just as attending a concert in the Chautauqua Auditorium is on the summer “must-do” list, Community House concerts have become a favorite amongst fans looking to experience music in an intimate atmosphere. 2013 provided a magical season of acoustic music ranging from folk, bluegrass, jazz and soul to body percussion in one of the Front Range’s most historic and intimate settings.

©Benko Photographics ©Benko Photographics

Jonathan B. Auerbach

ssThe Lomax Project For one week in May, the Community House was transformed into a creative hub to explore the treasures of roots music while hosting “Roots and Branches: A Weeklong Exploration of the Field Recording Archive of Alan Lomax.”

arts & culture Led by Grammy-award winner Tim O’Brien, six nationally touring musicians gathered to revive, recycle and re-imagine traditional music from around the world. The artists delved into the Lomax archives for source material. They shared their creative process with students and the public through lectures, workshops and classes. The week culminated in a final concert featuring newly created, original work. The Lomax Project was the first of its kind in Boulder and at Chautauqua. The program was made possible in part by Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) and a generous grant from Colorado Creative Industries and Boulder Arts Commission.

PARTNERS Colorado Chautauqua Association is grateful for the many wonderful collaborations with the following partners to produce the diverse offering of 2013 events and programming for the enjoyment by guests of all ages: AscenDance, Boulder History Museum, Boulder Public Library, Boulder Book Store, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Colorado Music Festival, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Hank Troy, KUNC, Live Nation, LOCAL Theater Company, Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, NOAA, NCAR, New Vista High School, Nobody In Particular Presents (NIPP), Silent Cinema Trio, Sweetwave Audio, Theatre-Hikes Colorado, REEL ROCK Film Tour, University of ColoradoBoulder’s Department of English, Department of Music and Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) and VIA Mobility Services.

©Stephen Collector

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Accomplishments: COMMUNITY Colorado Chautauqua Association endeavors to cultivate a community beyond its borders and supports other local nonprofit organizations who forward the Chautauqua ideals of lifelong learning, love of nature, voluntary simplicity and music, oration and the arts.

arts & culture

ssCommunity Support In 2013, CCA provided support to community nonprofit organizations, including: Anchor Center for Blind Children, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder Chamber, Boulder Ensemble Theatre, Butterfly Pavilion, Catamounts, City of Boulder Parks & Recreation, Boulder Rotary Club, Boulder Valley School District, Circle of Care, City of Boulder Landmarks Board, City of Boulder Community Planning and Environmental Sustainability Department, Colorado Music Festival, Preservation Inc., Colorado State University, CU Leeds School of Business, Flatirons Elementary, Greenwood Wildlife Center, HSUS Prairie Dog Coalition, Imagine! Foundation, Intercambio, Invest in Kids, Jewish Community Center Boulder, Khombu Climbing Center, Mountain View Preschool, Naropa University, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Rocky Mountain Climbers Club, Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN), Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, Topplers, and the United Way of Boulder County Flood Relief. ssThe Social Network

©Werner R. Slocum

With valued supporters around the globe, Chautauqua’s social media community is rapidly growing. Sign up for CCA’s weekly e-newsletter for all the latest lineups, ticket and Chautauqua news and specials and follow CCA on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest for more regular updates. These social media channels capture the daily happenings at Chautauqua, news about special events, as well as Chautauqua’s special “flavor.”

Board of Directors The CCA Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of 15 members, each serving a three-year term with a limit of two successive terms. Two members of the BOD are appointed by the Boulder City Council, one member is appointed by the Chautauqua Cottagers Association, three members are appointed by the BOD itself, and nine members are elected by the CCA membership. In August 2013, CCA said a fond farewell and offered great thanks to Patty Limerick and to term limited board member Josh Taxman, who served for six years, most recently as CCA’s board president.

2013-14 Officers President Bill Patterson First Vice-President Phil Shull Second Vice-President Barbara Sublett Guthery Treasurer Bob Yates Secretary Susan Osborne

2013-14 Board Members Tally Costa Tom Galey, Jr. John Kenyon Betsy Matteson Bob Morehouse Richard Polk Dominick Sekich Cathy Sparkman Thomas Thorpe Deborah van den Honert

Visit to view upcoming events, buy tickets, or to make a lodging or dining reservation.

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©Jonathan B. Auerbach

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Financials 2013 SOURCES OF REVENUE


SUMMARY STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES for the year ended December 31, 2013

Public Events 21% ($903,675)

Lodging 56% ($2,461,535)




Current Assets SCFD 9% ($405,984)

Subleases 5% ($248,909) Donations 3% ($149,852) Private Events 4% ($159,448) Grants <1% ($15,000) Memberships 2% ($71,790)

Cash and cash equivalents

Accounts receivable

Contributions receivable


2013 CAPITAL & OPERATING EXPENSES before depreciation & loss on asset disposition

Marketing 6% ($249,354)

Development 2% ($68,648)

Public Events 26% ($1,038,102)

Facilities & Preservation 29% ($1,191,810)

Total Expense: $4,059,613 ($592,149 capital & $3,467,464 operating expense before depreciation and loss on asset disposition)

c o lo r a d o c h au tau q ua a s s o c i at i o n | a n n ua l r e p o r t 2 0 1 3 | pag e 2 2

Total Revenue & Support

3,778,845 $4,416,193





Program services

Prepaid expenses



Management & general


Total current assets





Property and Equipment, Net



Loss on asset dispositions


Endowment fund



Cash designated for capital expenditures









Total other assets TOTAL ASSETS

Accounts payable



Accrued liabilities



Deferred revenue







Total current liabilities Private Events 3% ($130,175)



Current Liabilities Administration 12% ($466,124)



liabilities & net assets

Lodging 22% ($915,400)

Public support


Other Assets

TOTAL REVENUE: $4,416,193

Net Assets


Temporarily restricted



Permanently restricted









Total Expenses & Losses NET INCOME


52,553 556,608 $4,076,625 $339,568

Support Now more than ever, the Chautauqua values of voluntary simplicity, lifelong learning, love of nature and music, oration and the arts are relevant and needed in the hectic pace of today’s digital age.

community. Corporate matching can double and often triple the overall contribution that Colorado Chautauqua Association receives on behalf of an individual.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, the Colorado Chautauqua Association relies on the generosity of the community to help preserve the site and spirit of the historic Chautauqua and enrich the lives of all who visit.

Colorado Chautauqua Association’s corporate partnership program is a unique and cost effective answer to specific corporate marketing objectives. It also helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to education, the arts, environmental sustainability and historic preservation and connection to one of the Colorado Front Range’s most extraordinary cultural and historical institutions.

Individual or Business Contributions

©Werner R. Slocum

Gifts of any size make a difference. Donor generosity allows CCA to constantly improve the visitor experience of the Colorado Chautauqua’s historic accommodations and event venues, the natural beauty of the 26 acres of grounds, and the quality and quantity of educational and entertainment programming.

Planned Giving Planned Giving provides ways to support the Colorado Chautauqua that don’t affect a donor’s current lifestyle or family’s security. Through Planned Giving, gifts can be made that costs nothing during the donor’s lifetime and leaves cash flow and current financial planning unchanged. Planned Giving gifts could include gifts from wills or trusts, retirement plan designations, appreciated securities, life insurance and many more.

Matching Gifts Many corporations offer matching gift programs whereby the company agrees to match any gift donated by an employee or retiree. A Matching Gift Program is an ideal way for a company to demonstrate the importance of supporting the


Corporate Sponsorship


LEARN MORE To learn more about these opportunities and how you can support the Colorado Chautauqua Association please contact: ssMembership and Bricks: Carolyn Matthews Membership and Development Assistant [email protected] 303.952.1635

©Werner R. Slocum

ssAll other inquiries: Ann Obenchain Marketing and Development Director [email protected] 303.952.1645 ©Werner R. Slocum

The Colorado Chautauqua has always represented the best of what Boulder has to offer, thanks in part to its members. Membership helps to preserve the historic grounds of Chautauqua and build community through unique cultural, educational, social and recreational experiences. And, with enhanced programs and tangible member benefits, there has never been a better time to join the Colorado Chautauqua Association.

Commemorative Bricks Become a part of Colorado Chautauqua’s history by purchasing a commemorative brick, engraved with a personal message and installed along a path in the beautiful Centennial Garden. This is a perfect way to commemorate a birthday or milestone or to honor a special friend or family member.

Join or Donate online at

©Melissa Iverson

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Founders’ Circle ($10,000+ )

Director’s Circle ($2,500 – 4,999)

Philanthropist ($500 – 999)

Friend ($75 – 249)

Alfalfa’s Market Colorado Creative Industries Daily Camera Vernon & Jerry Davidson Davidson Family Foundation Flatirons Bank National Park Service State Historical Fund

D & K Printing Sarah Keeyes Photocraft/GraphX Group The Rothenberg Family Foundation Josh & Ellen Taxman Packard and Dierking, LLC

Joan & Bob Greer Jeff Hartman John Kenyon & Maud Huey-Kenyon Jerry & Heidi Lynch Virginia Newton Dominick Sekich Mr. & Mrs. H.A. Thompson Deborah & Chris van den Honert

Lynn Altschuler in memory of Norm Jomisko Anonymous Peggy Archibald Elizabeth Armstrong Lucy Arnold Sybil Barnes Debra Brindis The Chow Family Carla Coleman Eleanor DePuy Peter DiMarzio Scott & Karen Dimetrosky Jim & Ann Estin John & Mary Ann Farrington Felicia Furman Kay Gilbert Fiske Liberty Gives Foundation Kathleen Gonzales John Graham Susan Grant Mac & Ellen Greer Calvin & Laurie Hanson Edwin Hardy Jeffrey Herm Lolita Higbie Caroline Himes Tom & Caroline Hoyt Susan & Rich Cochrane and Susan & Scott Dougherty in honor of Alice & Brian Hanson Frasca Food & Wine in memory of Maryellen Cambor Rosemary & Ron Frelke in memory of Maryellen Cambor Arnie Jacobson & Victoria Johns Beverley Johnson Carol Johnson Helayne & Larry Jones

President’s Circle ($5,000 – 9,999) Kathy & Jim Cargill Boulder Arts Commission City of Boulder Holland & Hart, LLC Insight Designs Shoemaker, Ghiselli & Schwartz Virginia Smith

©Barbara Colombo

Visionary ($1,000 – 2,499) Dan Catlin Michael Franson Frank Guerra Barbara Sublett-Guthery Christopher Himes The Winslow Foundation John R. Woods Foundation Bob & Katy Yates Rappleye & Associates PC Polk Family Charitable Fund

Builder ($250 – 499) Shelly Catterson Chautauqua Bridge Club Susan Connelly & Rich Smith Deneuve Construction A Baker Duncan Ann French Ann Garstang Carol & Herb Himmel Gibson Ben & Kerry Gilbert Gray Gilbert Callie & Fritz Holleman Dottie & Ray Joyce Designated Fund John & Elizabeth Keeble Andy & Jodi Keller Janet & Scott Martin Michael McCarthy James D. Murphy Ralph Noistering Susan M. Osborne Bill Patterson Pulitzer Promotions Stephen Tebo Tom & Kathleen Thorpe

Susan & John Julian Quentin & Bonnie Karlsrud Arthur & Mindy Kaufman Mike Kelley Marylyn Knolle in memory of Maryellen Cambor Helena Kottke Elizabeth Lane Mary Ann Langer Ray & Margot LaPanse Loren & Conrad Lattes Loren Laureti Donald and Joann Leitch Kerry Lightenburger Margaret A. Lloyd Aaron & Olivia Lucas Bob & Ellen Lundy Mark Mathewson Sean & Cheryl McConnell Robert Morehouse Axson Morgan Elizabeth Noyes Ann Obenchain Jim & Sue Palmer Richard Polk Pamela Prescott Michael Puldy Caroline Quine Patricia DeAngelis Ratner Dorothy Read Dave & Jan Robertson Robert & Susan Rochat Jeremy & Margaret Sanders Ella & David Schleicher Sarah Snyder Zoe Ann Stivers Kristine Todd Dallice Tylee Kim Erickson & Barb Vossler Eileen Walker Marianne Walter Leslie & Thomas Wilke Ruth Wright Linda Zinn

Donor ($25–74) Suzy Ageton Neal Anderson Carol Lynne Andrews Karl Anuta Joanne Arnold Jay & Mary Balzer David Becher Jeanne Beyer Kurt & Laura Bittner Linda Boley Boulder Walking Tours Judith Bowers Denise Bowser Karen Burke-Stewart Ed & Anne Byrne Mark & Margaret Carson Patricia Casey Eleanor Chalmers Jodi Chambers Renata Colitti O’Day Community First Foundation Susan Dawson David Donaldson Michael Ehlers & Dr. T. Bachrach Sharon Flynn Tom Galey Catherine Long Gates Jill Gelbspan Ann Getches Eric Glustrom Robert Godwin Mark Graham Cathy Greer Jenny & Jim Greer Kathryn Strand & Eldon Haakinson Barbara Head Tina Heilman Norman Henderson Robert Hutchinson Hampton Islan

©Louis Smith

Sharon Jenkins Paul Jones John Kayser Andrea Kinzey-Wheeler Brian Larsen Leslie Lea Claudia Liedtke Rhea Little Patricia Lovering Judith Machen Robin Maitland Betsy Matteson Steve & Susan Maxwell Edward McCullough T. Jean McNicol in memory of Norm Jomisko Rob & Kate Melich Lynn Merrill Catherine Merritt Jaime Miller L.M. Minich Marc Musyl Richard Neslund Greta Maloney & Bob Palaich Dee Perry Elizabeth Pike Gerald & Marilyn Pinsker Robert Presson Mary Price

David Raduziner Nichole Reyes Horace Robbins Krista Scott David Skaggs Jeanne K. Snyder Lyra Mayfield & Charlie Stein Elm Sturkol David Tenzer Denise & Gary Terrazas James & Carolyn Topping Mary Trembour Alice Wallace NC Weil Fred Williams Vivian Wilson Anne Wimmer Lee Woods Kelly & John Wyatt

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Donors Donor (< $25)

John Abdallah Ryan Actkinson France Addington-Lee Dominic Adducci Todd Adelman Deborah Aguirre James Ahern Natalie Ahn Itir Akgun Andrew Albright Ben Alexandra Paul Algreen Dave Alleman Arthur Allen Howard Allen Kate Allen Peter Allen Patricia Allison Michael Allwein Elmer Altschuler Bunny Ambrose Nancy Anders Barbara Anderson Jim Anderson John Anderson Luke Anderson Lynette Anderson Linda Andes-Georges Lynne Andrade Austin Andres Charles Andrew Terese Angcos Martha Angulo Marion Antonellis Joanna Arch Susan Archer Vicki Archer Kristi Arellano Kathleen Arman Robert Armstrong Carol Arnold Laura Arnold Patricia Arnow Asier Artaeche Jeffrey Arthur Brian Asbury Elliott Asp Jenny Atchley Mary Audette Michael Aymond Donna Baase Neal Babcock

2013 Meghan Bach Clemence Bacquet Robert Bahnsen Tina Baier Heather Bailey Lisa Bailey Jennifer Bair Dale Ball Cynthia Ballinghoff Lisa Bane Katie Barak Tami Barbour Kyle Barker Dennis Barnacle Liz Barnez Debbie Barone Janet Barriger Lewis Barsky Bradley Bartels David & Roxanna Bartlett Judy Bashor David Baskett Molly Bauer Sherry Bauer N Robert Baumgartner Michele Baxter Susan Beale Laura Beausire Mekayla Beaver Trudi Beck Rhea Becker Susan Becker Norbert Beerlage Julie Beggs Chris Beh Maureen Beith Karen Bell Gerald Bennett Mary Bennett Melissa Bennett Seth Bent James Bentz Richard Beres Annette Berg Joel Berger Nick Berger Robert Berger Jim Bergquist Julie Berryhill Julie Bertoncin Krista Bertz Laurie Best Angela Bevacqua Jeanne Beyer

Peter Bialick Carolyn Bible Russell Bickel Archie Bickling Ted Biderman Bethany Bilbrey Heather Bilyeu Frederick Birks Kurt Bittner Kim Bixel John & Linda Black Paige Blackburn Glenn Blanc Kevin Bleicher Kevin Boatwright Shaina Bocci Timothy Boers Richard Bogucki Janis Bohan Joan Bohbot Patricia Boland Jim Bolsinger Michael Bolton Chris Bombardier Steve Bond Susan Bonfield Mary Bonner Gina Book Mike Bookmyer Gale Boonstra Mark Bosick Connie Bostad Cynthia Bottomley Joshua Bourquin David Bovitz Tracy Bowen Gary Bowman Richard Bowman Elizabeth Boxler Alan Boyer Jerry Boynton Andrew Bradberry Jon Brady Suze Bragg Joseph Brannan Susan Braunstein Emily Bray Sara Breen Jason Breitbarth Lynn Brenner Christopher Bridge Margaret Briggs-Casson

David Bright Nancy Briley Regina Brimner Mark Brindel William Brinker Gloria Brisson Sara Brito David Britt Eric Britting Christine Brockett Karen Brockwell Tracy Broderick Marty Brodsky F. Bronzan Jennifer Brooks Sue Brophy Bill Brotherton William Brotman Brooks Brown Elizabeth Brown Frank Brown Hubert Brown Julie Brown Kimberly Brown Margaret Brown Pamela Brown Roger Brown Warren Brown Dana Browning Jim Broyles Stacey Bruce Wynn Bruce Robert Brudd Brenda Bruening Cindy Bruner Jack & Cindy Bruner Martha Brunette Rachael Brunner D. Bryan Dave Bryan Nancy & Donald Buchanan Marda Buchholz Dustin Buck Kyle Buckland Ellen Buckley Lucy Buckley Allison Buckman Ellen Buffington Joshua Buggy Brad Buikema David Buller Gerlinde Bullock Merry Bullock Jim Bumanglag

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Coulter Bump Christoher Burk Nina Burkardt Lisa Burke Bridget Burnett Lester Burns Sean Burns Sheldon Burns Barbara Buttenfield Steve Buttress Conor Byrnes Lancene Cadora Geoffrey Cahoon Sam Calahan Rebecca Caldwell Koben Calhoun Sean Calhoun Dillon Calkins Maureen Cameron Debbie Campbell Jeremy Campbell Sara Campbell Caelen Cann Susan Cannon Nicole Capage-Brown Dominie Cappadonna Theodore Carey Emily Carleton Charles Carlsen David Carlson Sidney Carlson Tiffany Carlyon Ian Carmichael Julie Caron Ilene Carpenter James Carpenter Lindsay Carpenter Elizabeth Carr Sheila Carrigan Lindgren Carroll Elisabeth Caspari Joe Castro Anthony Catalano Dallas Cauthen Megan Cavanagh Eric Cech Grayson Cecil Christopher Centeno Matthew Chalek Eleanor Chalmers Kristin Chamberlain Jodi Chambers Mia Chambers Chris Chandler Thomas Chapman

Robert Chase Kate Chaux Susan Chehak Edie Cheng Taryn Chesshire Michael Chickos Jane Chicoine Jeremy Chrislip Nicole Christensen Evan Christie Jacqueline Chutz Chippy Cianci Paul Ciszek Aaron Citron Robert Cizik Andy Clark Ashley Clark David Clark Kelvin Clark Paul Clark Rebecca Clark Mary Clarke James Clemens Rachelle Clements Kristin Clemons Brian Cleveland Ellen Cleveland Melissa Clymer Cara Coad Patricia Coe-Withington Eoin Coffey Helen Coffey Rebeca Coffman Alan Cogen Chris Coggeshall David Cohen Joe Cohen Nancy Cohen Larry Cohn Cathy Cole Daniel Cole Danielle Coleman Mark Collen Ronda Collins Robert Colquitt David Colter Lee Conley Daniel Connell Paula Connelly Alisa Conner Trevor Connor

Chad Conrad Ted Conti Christine Conway Chris Cooper Constance Coppola Gregory Corey Guy Cornelius Arnold Corradino Susan Corser-Jensen Michael Cosca David Costantino Matthew Couch Marvin Coughenour Melinda Courtman John Courville Chloe Couvreux Paul Covelo Charles Covey Sheri Covey Elinor Cox Jeffrey Cox Maria Cox Pamela Craig Scott Craig Steve Craven Cara Creason Sheena Creed Michelle Cregut Adam Cremeans Kelsey Criswell Michael Cross Vincent Crowder Elizabeth Cruse Patrick Cullis Madonna Cunday Anne Cunningham Lisa Cunningham Jeff Curran Marie Curry Diane Czarkowski Mary D’amato Deborah D’ottavio Alan Dale Sheila Dalke Katherine Dalton Lee Dalton Stephen Dalton Kristen Daly Joseph & Emily Daniels Neal Dannemiller Douglas Dart Cindy Davis

David Davis Matthew Davis Erin Dawes Joan Dawson Meagan Day Kama Dean Susan Deans Carol Debaca Dean Debolt Diana Debrohun Brian Decamp Phillip Dedycker Jerome Deherrera William Dehn Cynthia Delaney Ron Delka Anne Demarco Steve Demchuk Christopher Demeo Sharon Denton Susan Depue Tina Deringer Rob Derstadt Nicholas Dewey Sophia Dibiase Michael Dichter Nancy Diciurcio Melissa Dickard Judy Dicken Rebecca Dickman Anne Dierschow Sarah Diggdon Anselm Dines Shawn Dinger Cynthia Divino Barbara Dix Neilia Dixon Wayne Dize Karl Dobbratz John Dollar Barbara Donaldson David Donaldson James Donnelly Joshua Doolittle Robert Dornan Jim Dorvee James Dotter Peter Dougherty William Dover Katherine Downie Barbara Downing Bryon Downing Greta Downs Pat & Bruce Doyle Lisa Drake

Lesley Draper Mary Dreger Kacie Dreller Michelle & Andy Drenick Daniel Drolet Mark Dubin Harold Dubinski Gisele Dubson Debbie Duggan Karen Dukat Noah Duncan Mary Dunn Julie Dupont Jerika Duran Jessica Duran Nicolene Durham Matt Dutremble Jaeann Dwulet Miko Dydek Elisha Early Jim Easter Gregory Eastvedt Sarah Eaton Dilek Eccles Jackie Eckl Kimberly Eden Cynthia Edie Lee Edwards Andrea Ehresman Undine Ehrman Burkhard Eichberger Larry Eifler Betsy Ekstam Houston Elam Steve & Barbara Ellenburg Kate Elliott Gayle Ellis Greg Ellis Steven Ellis Susan Ellis Sarah Elsea John Elstrott Brandie Emerick Jason Emery Valerie Epstein-Johnson James Eraker Charles Erdman Yonca Ertimur Lindsey Ervin Amanda Escalante Connie Esch Timothy Estep

Joann Evans Martha Evans Robert Evans Tyler Evans Joann Evans Lundy Brian Faircloth Diane Fairclough Chris Faison Amy Fallon-Reid Frank Fannon Lawrence Farin Lee Farmer Kirsten Farnsworth Douglas Farre Eddie Farrell John Farrell Julian Farrior Jerel Fast Jennifer Favell Karen Fehringer Robert Feld Kim Feldhaus Amanda Feldman Amy Felixreese Steven Fellner Anne Fenerty Mary Lou Fenili Jon Fenton Laura Ferenc Andres Fernandez Justin Ferri Lynne Fetterman Sarah Fey Larry Fiedler Jason Fields David Filloy Ross Finkel James Finley Anne Fiore Ross Fischer Sandra Fish Matthew Fisher Keely Fishman Sueann Fitch Darren Fitzpatrick Robert Fletcher Linda Flinkman Dennis Flom Thomas Foley Mark Folsom Neil Fontenot James Forbes

Cassandra Forgey Steven Forrester Brad Forrister Jeffrey Foster Karen Foster Roger France John Francis Roxanna Frary Robert Fraunfelder Kathie Freeman Karen Fremont Jennifer Frickey Andrea Friedlander Eric Friedman Susan Friedman Don Fritschel Tim Fritschel Steven Fritts Peter Froeb Dylan Frusciano Heidi Fry Maxwell Fry Rena Fugate John Fullard Susan Furtney Diane Furuya Joshua Gadbaw Ron Gager William Gail Brenda Gallagher Kenneth Gamauf Chris Gamble Kim Gangwish Gary Gansar Denise Garcia Annie Gardiner Barbara Gardner Elizabeth Garfield Rebecca Garfield Sandra Garner William Garrett Barbara Garrison Jill Gartland Cori Geare Robert Gebhardt Thomas Geier Paul Geissler Karen George Krassimira Georgieva Dan Gerace Mark Geraghty Pat Gerber Allison Gerrish Andrea Gerstle Eric Gertler

Jennifer Gessner Katie Gesten Lori Ann Gibb Daniel Gibbons Terry Gibbons Carol Gibson Tyler Gibson Scott Gill Connie Gillespie Dick Gillet Ethan Gillett Jamie Giovanetto Clare Gleason Linda Gleitz Linda Glick John Glidden James Glover Kevin Goertz Judy Goldman Margery Goldman Richard Goldman Ruben Goldstein Kathleen Gonzales Andres Gonzalez Amy Good Merv Goodman Donna Goodwin Brian Goolsby Janine Gordon Jacqueline Gorman Michael Goss Roderic Gottula Ari Gould Daniel Grace Mike Grady Heather Graef Cathy Graff Greg Graham Mark Graham Chad Granoff Stephen Grant Christopher Grasso Gordon Gray Kristin Gray Reggie Gray Irene Green Stacy Greene Jennifer Greenwood Grover Greer Robert Greer Jonathan Greschler Skip Grieser Keri Griffith Emily Grimes Stephanie Gripne

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Donors Brad Grissom Darron Grissom Michael Grobaski Danielle Groover Gina Grossi Linda Groth Jeff Grundmann Karl Grunwald Dana Guadagnoli Frank Guerra Nancy Guerre Mark Guidas Jeffrey Gunter Max Gustaitis Susan Guthrie Michael Guzek John Gvazdinskas Adam Haas Judith Haber Liz Hafer Nick Haggerty James Hagman Stephen Hahn John Hake Lynn Haley Hillary Hall Michael Hall Steve Hall Susie Hall Andrea Hallman Steven Hamblin Mary Hamilton Susan Hammer Marion Hammond Rebecca Hammond Albert & Betsy Hand Zobeida Handerhan Richard Hanke Elizabeth Hansen Karen Hansen Kent Hansen Marilyn Hansen Edward Hanson Lauren Hanson Trisha Hanson Rainer Hantscheel Lynne Harkness Shari Harley Grady Harper Julie Harral Melanie Harrell Jim Harris Karen Harris

2013 Millie Harris Seth Harris Neil Harrison Jennifer Hartigan Christie Hartman Tom & Lisa Hartmann Christine Harvey Karen Hassan Charles Hatfield John Hatlelid Julie Hauser Deborah Havas Joshua Hawkins Andrew Hawks Michael Hay Patrick Hayes Sarahdawn Haynes Alison Hazel Jonathan Hazen Rex Headd Richard Healy Garvin Heath Catherine Heckel Noel Hefty Joel Hegge Zach Hegwood Jesse Heibel Bruce Helart William Helms Diane Henderson Paula Henderson Ronald Henley Sharon Herdman Gretchen Hernandez Joan Heron Katharine Hess Rhonda Hess Lael Hester Michael Hester Dustin Heuchert Judith Heuton David Hibbard James Hickman Alan Higham William Hill Mike Hillenburg Caroline Himes Mary Lynne Hixson Anthony Hjelmstad Ben Hlavka Jarrod Hobson Tristan Hobson Andrea Hochheiser Stephen Hoerler Kurt Hoffmann

James Hoffmeyer James & Cheryl Hogan Matthew Hogue Diana Hoguet Virginia Holder Kelly Holdridge David Holliday Richard Hollingsead Harold Hollingsworth Tania Hollingsworth Deborah Hollis Cathie Holm Andie Holman Roger Holstein Keith Holub Deborah Holvey Jim Hooton John Hoover Benjamin Hopkins Carla Hopkins Deana Hopkins Lee Ann Horneck Andrew Horning Judith Horose Donald Houde Nat Houston Matthew Houtsma Signe Hovem Amy Howard James Howser Elizabeth Hoy Betty Hoye Sarah Hubbard Benjamin Hudson Cameron Huggins Caroline Hughes Terry Hughes Ronald Huizing Frederick Hull Trish Hull Rick Hum Angela Humphrey Jan Humphrey Kimberly Humphreys Connie Hurlburt Richard Husser Therese Hutcherson Cheryl Hutchinson Susan Hutchison Rebecca Huth Laurie Hyland Joe Inclan

Todd Ipsen Michell Irving Katherine Isacks John Ives David Jablonski Alex Jackson Kimberly Jackson Tobi Jacobi Abby Jacobs Gary Jacobs Matt Jacobs Dana Jacobsen Ben Jacobson Jerry Jacobson Nancy Jacquart Joan Jacus Danielle James Donna James Katharine Janiesch Tiffaney Janowicz Steven Janssen Mary Jarchow Melissa Jarrett Deborah Jenkins Thomas Jennings Erin Jerick Margaret Jessel David Joeris Bill Johnson Eliza Johnson Josh Johnson Kathryn Johnson Mary Johnson Nancy Johnson Raymond Johnson Susan Johnson Amaraja Jones Denise Jones Jon Jones Ryan Jones Susan Jones Gary Jorgensen Ann Joslyn Laurie Jundt Michael Kahan Patricia Kahler Josh &Lori Kahn Ross Kahn Shoni Kahn Joshua Kaiser

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Nanci Kalamaya Claudia Kale Mark Kalen Tom Kampe Kristin Karakehian Trudy Kareus Meredith Karre Mallory Kates Arthur & Mindy Kaufman David Kaufman Stacey Kawakami Mary Keil Stuart Keil Ann Kelly Carol Kelly Katherine Kelly Tara Kelly Allen Kennedy Cecil Kennedy L. Kennedy Christopher Kepple Madalyn Kern Julie Kerwin Chris Ketterman Michael Kiernan Larry Kilborn Michael King Kristi Kinney Kristin Kinney Cullen Kinoshita Colin Kirby Kenneth Kirby Debra Kirk Wk Kirk Tom Kissell Barbara Kistler Cindy Klammer Sarah Klein Catherine Kling Janette Klingner Leslie Knuti Valarie Koch Susan Koerner Mary Kolbeck Rebecca Komarek Jeff Kosley Dennis Koss Robert Koss Eric Kosser Carol Kotchek Edward Kotsides Patricia Koval Stephen Kramer Stephen Kramer

Kimberly Krause Daniel Krehbiel Mark Krempasky Robert Krick Robert Krueger Melanie Kruger Ryan Krumpeck Kelli Kubala Matt Kubis Richard Kuchenrither Celia Kudro Allison Kuhlman Stefanie Kunka Lisa Kunkel Beverly Kurtz Lily Kurylko Bev Kuster Jessica Ladow George Laframboise Dale & Ellen Lagow Andrew Lainis Colin Lamb Kim Lampert Don Lamprecht Ellie Landry Nicholas Landucci Thomas Lane Jonathan Lang George Lange Stephen Langer Terre Lantzy Anna Lappe Richard Lappen Timothy Laramy Robyn Larm Alicia Larson Danny Larson Kristin Larson Laura Larson Vicki Larson Lark Latch Jamie Lathrop Andrew Lattanzi Joseph Lattone Catharine Lauderbaugh Joan Lavell Roni Lavine Patricia Law John Lawrence Kalyca Lawrence Travis Lawson Shelley Lawton Douglas Leary Debbie Leather

Dan Ledbetter Marshall Lee Margaret Leech Keith Lefevre Cynthia Lefkoff Tav Leggett Linda Lehman Ken Lehnhard Travis Leirer Noel Lejeune K Leka Thomas Lepak Guillaume Lessard Elisabeth Leuchten Stephanie Levert Marcie Levine Peter Levine Scott Levine William Levis Susan Levy Ira Lewis Judith Lewis Lauren Lewis Lisa Lewis Ryan Lewis Tait Lewis Shari Leyshon Kristin Lhatso Stanley Li Vladimir Li Angie Ligon Greg Lilja Kathy Lindeberg Nils Lindeblad Michael Lindstrom Leslie Linville Ettie Lipner Julie Lippincott Rich Lirtzman Dana Lobell Michelle Lobo Jerry Logan Sandra Lombardi Warren Long Shea Loper Michelle Lopez Jason Lorberbaum Rae Loschen Mary Louder Ryann Love Robert Lovejoy May Lowry

Andrea Lucas Mark Lucier Louise Lucke Michael Ludwig Margaret Luebs-Goedecke Stan Lumb Kathryn Lummus Joseph Lutt Tyler Luu Dan Lynn Michael Lyons Barbara MacCambridge Regina MacDonald Amy Mace Gordon Maclean Sandra Macleod Susan Macquiddy Mitchell Macura Chris Madden Thomas Madden Samantha Madison Wendi Madsen Fox Magdovitz Dieter Magin Rebecca Magnotta Masao Maki Mary Beth Makic Philip Makotyn Carolyn Malaby Deborah Malden Cheri Mallory Joyce Malmberg Jomana Malone Patrick Malone Jill Marce Michael Marcus Cynthia Marcy James Marienthal Jason Markel Howard Markman John Markovetz Kay Marquardt Elizabeth Marr Mary Marsden James Marshall Alice Martin Andrew Martin Deborah Martin Matthew Martin Nancy Martin Susan Martin Joseph Martindale Robert Martinengo John Martinko

Kim Martinsons Matthew Mason Elaine Massie R.J. Mastic Chris Mathias Elizabeth Matthews Kevin Matthews Chris Mayberry Susan Mayhew Barbara Maynard Laura Mayo Deneane Maziarka David Mazza Michael McAnulty Nathan McBride Charles McCadden Lana McCallum Katie McCance Kathleen McCarthy Michaela McCarthy Sharon McClew Marcus McCloud Robert McClure Jim McConnell Matthew McConnell Joel McCormack Shannon McCormick Karen McCorry John McCorvie Richard McCray Elizabeth McCulloch Robert McCullough Terry McDutchen Chad McDaniel John McDermott Lisa McDonald Anne McElderry-Zurbay Martin McElwain Sarah McFadden Susan McFetridge Dennis McGovern David McGuire Kathy McGuire Michael McGuirk Ryan & Katherine McIntyre Erin McKee Neil McLane Carrie McLaughlin Gretchen McLaughlin Nancy McLean Melissa McMurray Michael McNair

Valery McNally Chris McNeave Lynda McNeil John McPartland Susan McPherson Caitlin McQuade David McVoy Tracy Meisinger Melissa Meistrell Nicole Meistrich Rob & Kate Melich Steve Melville Elva Mendoza Robb Menzies Dianne Mercer Harold Merkel Sean Merrigan Frances Metzger Kathryn Meyer Madeleine Meyer Rhonda Mickelson Jennifer Miera Melanie Mikolas Anthony Milazzo Dave Miles Amanda Miller Colleen Miller Dan Miller Jaime Miller Lilly Miller Mark Miller Mary Miller Ryan Miller Kimberly Mills Sara Milmoe John Milne Arthur Mindy Stuart Miner Charles Minter William Mitchell Marlene Miyamoto Jere Mock Paul Moeller Michele Moffat Shiraz Moinuddin Mario Molina C Moll David Monasch Mary Mondragon Joan Monroe Sharon Montini Mark Moore J Moorman

Amy Morfas January Morgan Jim Morgan Jennifer Morikawa Dennis Morrigan McDonough Anne Morris Ev Morrison Michael Morrison Michael Morrissey Mary Mortimer Matt Morton Joe Motsch Keith Mountain Nick Mousouris Fran Mullen Jacqueline Muller Karen Munch Sue Mundorff Jason Mundy Mindy Munger Reuben Munger Barbara Munizza Deb Munley Elizabeth Munson Kita Murdock Michelle Murphy Patrick Murphy Sarianna Murphy Claudia Murray Judianna Murray Rachael Murray Joseph Myers Michael Naber Sanjay Nadkarni Cory Nadler Joe Nance George Narcavage David Nathanson Susan Nazarenus Justine Needham Stuart Needman Bryon Neitzel Cynthia Nelson David Nelson Lola Nelson William Nelson Tracey Neubrand Lisa Nibarger Elizabeth Nicholson Colin Niebur Peter Nielsen Andrew Niemeyer Jeff Nienhaus Lynn Nimmo

Ralph Noistering Kathleen Nolan Katharine Noll Matthew Norcia Karen Nordstrom John Norland Steve Norman Anita Norrie Roselane Norris Alexis North Louis Novak Ted Noyes Ellen Numis Tom Nummy Rachel Nunn Marc Nutter Richard Nuzzi Tom O’banion Judy O’hearn Galen O’neil Aaron Oakley Jeffrey Oakley Daniel Obarski Michelle Obrien Stephen Ochs Michael Oczkowski Tomohiro Oda Renata Oday Larry Oddo Erica Ogrady Sara Okeefe Jessica Oldham Shelley Olds Brian Olivas Jack Olsen Jane Olson Michelle Olson Louis Orenstein Kristi Ormsbee Tressa Ortman Tamara Osborn David Ostdiek Tim Ostdiek Arlen Ostrander Andrea Ostroy Jim Ott Noel Otterness Tim Overlie Courtney Oversby Scott Owen Patricia Owens Joe Ozaki Dan Page Daniel Page

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Donors Dean Pajevic Kari Palazzari James Palmer Susan Palmer Robert Pane Joan Panzella Arthur Paolini Alan Parizo Anne Park Deven Parker Elaine Parker Nancy Parker William Parkhill Daniel Parks Marguerite Parliment Jenny Parrish Abby Parsons Kentaro Parsons Bruce Patch Pat Patchen Debbie Patnaude Michael Patterson Amanda Paulson Joseph Paulson Carin Paupore Sally Pavick Matt Payne Rocky Payne Chris Pearce Susan Pearce Douglas Pearl Constance Peck Aaron Peele Antonio Pena Cindy Pendleton Thomas & Stephanie Pennell Philip Pepalis Robert Pepin William Percy Evan Perkins Leslie Perkins George Pernsteiner Elizabeth Perreault Dee Perry Virginia Perry Sarena Petalas Margo Peter Heather Peters John Peterson Susan Peterson

2013 Nick Petrosky Charles Pettet Mary Pettigrew Anthony Petty Sarah Pezoa Caroline Pfohl Perry Phillipps Jeffrey Phillips Mark Phillips Antoinette Piaggio Courtney Pierce Steven Pierce Charles Pinkerton Gerald & Marilyn Pinsker Bonnie Pitzer Margaret Planchard Suzanne Plante Allison Platt Wendy Platt David Podorson Teresa Pohlabel Francine Pokracki Edward Pomponi Andrea Poniers Becky Porter Holly Potter Kathryn Powell Sally Powell-Ashby Bethany Pray Eric Pringle Holly Propst Lisa Prosch Pilar Prostko Brandon Protas Eduardo Provencio Michael Puett Emily Puetz Kira Puntenney Harrison Purdy Tricia Pursley David Pyatt Dayton Rabon Leah Rachlis Bonnie Rada Joan Raderman George Raffensperger Jaclyn Ramaley Kyle Ramer Carol Ramsey Corey Ransom Andrew Rathbun Kevin Ratigan

Richard Ratliff Patricia Ratner Frank Ratti Michael Rauch Karen Rawson Alison Ray Andrea Ray Nancy Raymond Patricia Read Kathleen Readio Kenneth Reardon Annette Rebellato Andrew Reed Hannah Reed Thomas Reed Tina Reeves Kimberly Reimer Karen Reineri Kristin Reisinger Elisabeth Relin Mary Retka Caroline Rew Juliana Rew Rebecca Reynolds Marilyn Rhodes David Rice Jesse Richardson Susan Richstone Meredith Riddle Alexander Riegelman Layne Rigney Michael Riley Aaron Roberts Martin Roberts Rita Roberts Taylor Roberts Janet Robertson Jeffrey Robertson Robert & Susan Rochat Melanie Rodgers Nancy Rodriguez David Rodziewicz Constance Rogers Linda Rogers Stephanie Romm Elizabeth Roode George Rosborough Terri Rosenbaum Neil Rosenberger Beth Rosenfeld Martha Roskowski Dawn Ross Lynn Ross-Bryant Mitchell Rossman Barrett Rothe

Ian Rottman Tamara Rowden Gressa Rowland Colette Roy Kristen Royer Desiree Rozen Michelle Rua Janet Ruby Valerie Rudden Lee Rumbles Floyd Russak John Russell Vicki Russell Joyce Rutherford Melissa Rutty David Sackmann Fay Sadowsky Max Salfinger Eric Samler Earl Sampson Joe Sampson Kevin Sandberg Karen Sandburg Dave Sander Julie Sanders Michael Sanders Walt Sanders Lori Sandler R. Sands George Santini Anni Santos Nancy Sarcoxie Brian Sauer Julien Sauget Kim Sayers-Newlin Gina Scaletta Nicholas Scaletta Neil Scanlan Ann Scarboro Timothy Schafer Vera Schaffer Daniel Scheidt Brad Schempf Christopher Scherrer Marco Schioppo Christine Schlegel Chris Schmidt Eric Schmidt Elaine Schnabel Charlotte Schneider Susan Schoch David Schodt Lisa Schoemaker Sarah Schoentgen

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Suzanne Schoettger Darlene Schriner Andrew Schroeder Gabriella Schuler Jane Schumacher John Schutz Nancy Schwiesow Angela Scott Marianne Scott Jeffrey Sczechowski Brad Seago John Searby Jennifer Sebastian Rachella Seeley Carrie Segil Robin Seidner Alice Seigal Sue Sell Chelsea Semelka Carol Semple Kacie Serpico Steve Sewell Julie Shamburger Alex Shannon Del Shannon Douglas Shaw Gaea Shaw Jamie Shaw Ingrid Shea Leslie Sheats Emily Sheehan Elizabeth Shehigian Seth Sheiner John Sheldon Brandon Shepherd Chris Sheridan Joy Sherlock Lisa Shine Christina Shipley Shannon Shomo Michael Short James Shugart Chris Shupe Ashley Shurley Viktoria Shurtleff Lynn Shuster Kathy Sievering David Sigel Nicholas Sigman Steven Signer Laura Sigoloff Jim Silva M.Beatriz Silveira Deborah Silverman Steven Silvern

Saovaluk Sima-Aree Deborah Simmons John Simmons Carrie Simon Susan Simoncic David Simpson Louis Sisneros David Skaggs Scott Skender Bonnie Skilton Kristi Skoglund Mandy Sladden Jenny Slade Bonnie Slagel Peggy Slater Christy Slaughter Elisabeth Sleeth Nancy Sloane Anne Slubowski Rhead Smart Aaron Smith Cathern Smith David Smith Jeffrey Smith Jennifer Smith Peter Smith Tk Smith William Smith Zachary Smith Scot Smythe David Snow Julia Sobesky Ann Solomon Aris & Suzanne Sophocles Wendy Soto Jonathan Sousa Laura Sparks Arnold Sparnins Raini Spatziani Tiffany Spear John & Spears Thomas Spellman Thomas Spence Jean Spencer William Spencer Richard Spillmann Joy Spring Rebecca Staab Laurel Stadjuhar Adrienne Staff Clyda Stafford

Caryl Stalick Peter Stamborski Timothy Stanley Mason Stansfield Andra Stanton Ira Star Jenni Stark James Stearns Michelle Steele Robert Steen Nel Steffens Christine Stegehuis Annette Stelmack Kathie Stenberg Lisa Stennes Andrew Stephens David Stephenson Barry Sterling Barbara Stern Michael Stevens Nancy Stevens David Stevenson Carl Stewart Ann Steyert Michael Stillman Linda Stinson Zoe Stivers Ken Stockton Tim Stoecker Carison Stokes Irwin Stolberg Diane Stoner Jay Stott Ethan Straffin Glen Strand Mike Stratton Patricia Streeter Tanna Strom Gayle Strong Lucy Strong Joan Strosin Stephanie Struble Suzanne Stryker Janie Stuart Catherine Stypula Janet Sublich Sharon Sugden Debbi Suitor Jennifer Sullivan John Sullivan Ryan Sullivan Sean Sullivan Margaret Summerside Andrea Suponcic Susan Suskiewich

Barbara Suter Jorene Sutter Sandra Suzor Rebecca Swain Sandra Swanson Wendy Swart Holly Sweeney Katherine Sweeney Mark Sweeney Marilyn Sweet Joel Swisher Lisa Sydow Constance Szeflinski Peter Szilagyi John Szymanski Barbara Takamine Susan Takemoto Jennifer Tamblyn Ken Tanaka Molly Tayer Janet Taylor Jodi Taylor Karen Taylor Robin Taylor Rebecca Teasdale Jen Teeple Michael Teravest Laura Terpenning James Terrell Maryann Tetrick Colleen Theriot Karen Thibodeau Steve Thilker James Thomas Janet Thomas Sita Thomas Timothy Thomas Wayne Thomas Amizainia Thompson Donald Thompson Gerald Thompson Michele Thompson Sandr Thompson Tracy Thompson Michelle Thomson Roy Thoren James Thornton Amy Thygesen Steve Tidler Carol Tiegs Kristine Todd Diane Tomasso Andrew Tomchek Stephanie Tomusiak

Chris Toohey Raul Torres Ann Totemeier Christine Toth Michael Touchette Mary Townsend Karen Tracy Judith Trager Kenneth Traut Paul Trementozzi Nancy Trenbeath Nick Trienens Judith Trinkner Shana Troetel John Trost Mark Trubowitz Joyce Trujillo Laura Trump Vernon Tryon Nicole Tsiouvaras Brian Tsuchiya Glenn Tubb Kathryn Tucker Keith Tucker Ryan Tucker Bonnie Turner Peter Turner Steve Turner Trudy Turvey Nancy Tway Stephanie Two Lauren Ungar Robert Unger Jennifer Urbonas Srinath Vadlamani Christine Vadovszki Linda Vahrenkamp Marilyn Valdez-Campbell Julia Valeski Karrey van Sky Robert Vander Amanda Vandeveer Kimberly Vanhoosier-Carey Christine Vaughan Amy Vaughn Robert Velte Kristine Verdin Robin Vidimos Jody Vigil

Susan Vincent Cindy Vinson Ronnica Vitullo Hans von Rittberg Heidi Vonnieda Jennifer Voss Nora Vossler Richard Waddell Priscilla Wagener Phil Waggener Elisabeth Wagner Jana Wagner Paul Wagner Eric Wahlig Dennis Waide Douglas Wakeman Gretchen Waldenberg Joey Waldmann Bob Walker Erika Walker John Walker Michelle Walker Bill Wallace Brenda Walls Sophia Walls Bryce Walsh Terry Walsh Carol Walters Brandon Ward Stacie Ward Brent Warren Barry Warshaw Christopher Washenberger Christine Waterbury Beth Waterman Paul Watford Dawn Watson Gordon Weakliem Denise Weathersby Marc Weaver Scott Webber Scott Webber Eric Weber Chris Webster John Webster Karen Wegela Cynthia Wehmer Anne Weiher Oren Weil Neil Weiner Edward Weise Leslie Weise

Lisa Weiss Jeff Weitzel Andria Welch Peter Welles Laurie Wells Steve Wells Teena Wells Megan Welsh Robert Welshon Nathan Welton Michelle Welty Alan Wernz Alonzo West Michael West James Westfall Gwendolyn Wharton Alan Wheal Kristin Wheatley John Whitbeck Dorothy Whitehouse Cynthia Whitham Robert Whitney Peggy Whitt Justine Wickhem Lindsay Wiebold Ralph Wieland Eric Wiggs Audrey Wilcox John Wild Jennika Wildau Dean Wilder Alan Wiley Jeff Wilkins-Crowder Aaron Wilkinson Barbara Williams Catherine Williams Heather Williams John Williams Martha Williams Anne Wilson Deborah Wilson Mark Wilson Melinda Wilson Jordan Wilsted Anne Wimmer Tina Winzent Debi Wirth Brooke Wise Cathy Wise Bill Witt Brooke Wittleder Michael Woelke Mary Wohl Tyler Wolf Sarah Wolfsont

Bruce Woller Eve Wood George Woodruff Lee Woods Jessica Wooton Michael Wright Ruth Wright Marilyn Wrucke Michael Wussow Kelly Wyatt & Elizabeth Wynia Elliott Wynne Craig Yager Lucille Yanagida Iris Yanez Shigemichi Yazawa Jeremy Yazinski Patricia Yost Gwen Young Melanie Young Sandra Younghans Jennifer Youngs Linda Zafarana Jane Zeender Sandi Zellmer Sarah Zemach Wendy Zerin Becky Zierer Stacy Zimbleman Catherine Zimmerman Julie Zimmerman Karen Zimmerman Chris Zimnowski Dmitriy Zinchenko Jake Zmrhal David Zordan Ethan Zoubek Darren Zurbay Marylee Zurick

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Since 1989, the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) has distributed funds from a 1/10 of 1 percent sales and use tax to cultural facilities throughout the seven-county Denver metropolitan area. The funds support cultural facilities whose primary purpose is to enlighten and entertain the public through the production, presentation, exhibition, advancement and preservation of art, music, theatre, dance, zoology, botany, natural history and cultural history. The SCFD is a unique collaboration between rural, suburban and urban counties. The distribution budget for scientific and cultural organizations in the seven-county area is approximately $40 million annually. The Colorado Chautauqua Association is proud and grateful to be an SCFD Tier II organization. Thank you, citizens of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District! For more information, please visit

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Flatirons Bank is a community bank that believes in community and walks the talk by being Boulder’s only locally owned, locally managed bank. Flatirons Bank’s involvement in the community goes beyond banking with time and commitment to community giving and community engagement. Relationships are important to Flatirons Bank and they strive to provide their clients with the highest level of professional service at each interaction. Visit Flatirons Bank’s energy efficient, LEED-CI award-winning bank at 1095 Canyon Blvd in Boulder, and its branch at 4th and Main in Longmont.

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The Colorado Chautauqua Association Team The Colorado Chautauqua Association’s full time, part time and seasonal staff are dedicated to providing over 150,000 annual visitors to the Colorado Chautauqua with memorable experiences to cherish for years to come. Executive Director Susan Connelly Director of Finance & Administration Sue Brophy Director of Hospitality Matt Hamann Director of Marketing & Development Ann Obenchain

Facilities & Preservation Facilities and Preservation Manager Jeff Medanich Facilities and Preservation Specialists Dave Majorwicz | Gordy Blair | Brian Hawkins

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Membership & Development Membership & Development Assistant Carolyn Matthews

2013 Seasonal Staff Andrew Bollinger Eli Boonin-Vail Gary Broughall Conor Byrnes Charles Douthit Alex Drost Ginny Durakovich Sara Elsea Forest Fisher Noah Fulton-Beale James Gray Dalton Herrin Hampton Islan William Kinnard Hudson Knott Connor Koval Jacob Leiby Jessica Lindsey Molly Marienthal Rory Martinelli Ross McAvinew Charles McClain Zach Myers Andrew Neely Jennifer O’Shaughnessy Jesse Oxenberg Chris Poissant Ashley Powell Alec Pronk Sergio Rivera Charles Roberts Nathan Roberts Jacob Rosse Aaron Rothchild Melanie Shaffer Alex Shannon Meghan Shannon Elle Tyler Sam Van Dreser Joel Zink

2013 Volunteers Each year, volunteers are an essential part of Chautauqua. They contribute thousands of hours to help in customer experiences and public events. CCA is grateful for their support. Kathleen Adair Beverly Alexander Margaret Alfonso Jean Allhoff Jodi Ansell Cheryl Appell Dale Ary Megan Back Nancy Beighley Paul Berteau Steve Betters Patricia Billig Andrea Blanchard Regina Bock Andi Bovarnick Judy Brantz Sunny Brown Randy Burge Leila Canfield Donna Casey Julianne Cassady Debra Catlow Phyllis Chernow Renata Colitti O’Day Robyn Copeland Valerie Crecco Michelle Cregut Christine Damiano Jayne Darling Gary Drury Carol Dwyer Sue Easterlin Nancy Egbert Dianne Ewing Bob Filderman Dana Fox

Debbie Friedman John Garcia Linda Gathany Dennis Glowniak Joe Golden Katrin Hafner Jerry Harris Millie Harris Kim Hedberg Virginia Holder Mildrien Horton Jeri Innis Janet Kandt William Kandt Mindy Kaufman Anne Kelly Jay Kenis Patricia Kenney B. Jane Lederle Alana Linton Jill Maxwell Sheble McConnellogue Rebecca Metcalfe Beverly Miller Holly Mitchell Sara Molden Sara Moore Sandy Morris Suzanne Neuman Arlene Patterson Sheila Payne Joyce Perata Cara Priem Kate Readio Christine Rhoda Leanne Roets

Sylvia Rognstad Charlotte Russeth John Sanclaria Judy Sanclaria Pete Scheffler Emily Schlenker Kyle Schlenker Jil Schwanke Donna Seaman Nancy Shaw Lori Shin Mark Smither Kathleen Spano Don Statine Mozelle Sutton Mark Tabb Monica Tremblay Susan Tuttle Julie Vida Therese Wells

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Published June 2014


annual report 2013 - The Colorado Chautauqua Association

annual report 2013 Letter from the Board President dear friends, As president of the board of directors, I am proud to serve during an exciting time...

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